Sunday, May 5, 2019

Week 16 Lesson Plans - May 6th - 10th

Lesson Plans - May 6th - 10th

Chemistry I – Students will continue identifying, predicting, and balancing chemical equations.  They will prepare for a Chapter Test assessment and use their knowledge to then calculate formula masses and percent composition from those balanced equations.

1. Double Replacement Lab is overdue
2.  grade worksheet III/8.2
3.  types of reactions quiz due tomorrow
4.  finish notes on chapter 8
5.  8.3 due Wednesday
6.  Chapter 8 review due Friday
7.  Test on Tuesday

1.  quiz II over types of reactions
2.  worksheet II graded
3.  finish worksheet III/8.2
4.  finish 8.3

1.  8.3 due and grade
2.  Gummy Bear on Fire demo
3.  Quiz tomorrow over predicting equations

1.  quiz over predicting equations
2.  test Tuesday over Chapter 8
3.  Ch 8 review due tomorrow

1.     quiz back
2.     grade ch 8 review
3.  notes on formula weights
4.  formula weights sheet due Tuesday

Chemistry II -

1.     Ion quiz
2.     Thermo Test back
3.     Net Ionic Equations I due
4.  Pre-Lab for Solubility Lab due
5. Notes thru on Henry’s Law

1.      Ion quiz back
2.     Grade net ionic 1
3.     Lab tomorrow
4.     Henry’s Law notes finished
5.     Henry’s Law homework due Friday with quiz

1.  Pre-Lab completed

1.  finish SOLUBILITY LAB - due Monday
2.  Net Ionic 2 worksheet due Weds

1.  Henry’s Law - grade
2.  Henry’s Law Quiz
3.  Labs due Monday
4.  Net Ionic 2 worksheet due Weds

AP Chemistry Students start building boats out of cardboard and duct tape.  Esters are completed with an assessment and amines are added to the organic arsenal.

Monday - Friday:

1.  Boat Activity 1,2,and 3 due at end of week
2.  Put surface area to mass ratio and surface areas on Excel document
3.  Ester Lab due
4.  Ester Test Thursday
5.  Amine Notes and worksheet Tuesday
6.  Amine Quiz Friday

Sunday, April 28, 2019

WEEK 16 - Lesson Plans April 28th – May 3rd

WEEK 16 - Lesson Plans April 28th – May 3rd

Chemistry I – We continue our journey through the five types of reactions with more labs and demonstrations and worksheets where we predict and complete chemical equations.

1.      KI labs back
2.  Quiz 3 back on balancing
3.  finish notes on chapter 8
4.  whoosh bottle demo
5.  worksheet I due and grade
6.  worksheet II due tomorrow
7.  quiz I on reaction types Thursday
8.  Double Replacement Lab tomorrow

1.     Double Replacement Lab – due Friday
2.     worksheet II due
3.     worksheet III due Friday
4.  quiz Thursday on identifying reactions

1.  grade worksheet II
2.  finish double replacement lab due Friday
3.  worksheet III due tomorrow
4.  8.3 worksheet due Friday

1.  reaction types quiz I
2.  double replacement lab due tomorrow
3.  gummy bear on fire demo
4.  worksheet III due

Friday:  MAY FETE DAY!!!
1.  types quiz I back
2.  double replacement labs due
3.  8.3 worksheet due

Chemistry II – We will wrap up the thermochemistry unit with a two day test while beginning our last unit over Solubility.

1.  grade thermochemistry review pages 1-3
2.  colligative properties video and worksheet
3.  notes on solubility thru Henry's law
4.  Thermochemistry Test Wednesday and Thursday

1.  grade thermochemistry review pages 4-6  
2.  Henry's law worksheet due Weds
3.  Notes on solubility rules
3.  Henry’s Law probs and quiz tomorrow
4.  Solubility worksheet I due Thursday
5.  ion quiz tomorrow

1.  Henry's Law problems due
2.  Thermochemistry Test Day One
3.  solubility rules I worksheet due tomorrow
4.  quiz over it Friday
5.  Solubility Pre-Lab

1.   Thermochemistry Test Day Two
2.      Ion quiz tomorrow
3.      Finish solubility rules I worksheet

1.  quiz over solubility rules
2.  Solubility Pre-Lab

Chemistry II Lesson Plans April 17th – April 21st

1.  thermochemistry tests back
2.  notes on solubility thru Henry's law
3.  Henry's law worksheet due Weds
4.  quiz over it on Weds

1.      colligative properties video and worksheet due Friday
2.      Notes on solubility rules
3.      Henry’s Law probs and quiz tomorrow
4.      Solubility worksheet I due Thursday
5.      quiz over it Friday

1.  grade Henry's Law problems
2.  quiz over it
3.  solubility rules I worksheet due tomorrow
4.  quiz over it Friday
5.  Pre-Lab for Solubility Lab

1.   solubility worksheet I
2.   quiz tomorrow over it
3.   Solubility notes continued thru net ionic equations

1.      quiz over solubility rules
2.      Finish pre-lab

AP CHEMISTRY -  We will work on boats and finish up esters.  Boat race is scheduled for May 15th with a rain date the next day or during finals week.

1.      Turn in carboxylic acids
2.      Quiz tomorrow
3.      Ester notes
4.      Finish boat activity 3

1.      Ca quiz
2.      Finish ester notes
3.      Ester pre-lab
4.      Ester lab tomorrow
5.      Boat activity 3 – enter data on Excel
6.      Thru Esters due tomorrow

1.      Ca quiz back
2.      Thru Esters due
3.      Ester Lab

1.      Finish Ester Lab
2.      Labs due Monday
3.      Start cardboard design

Friday:  MAY FETE!!!

Saturday, April 20, 2019

WEEK 15 - Lesson Plans April 22-26

WEEK 15 - Lesson Plans April 22-26

Chemistry I – We will continue our discussion on types of reactions, performing labs and demonstrations on decomposition.  Students will learn to predict and finish a chemical reaction equation and balance it.  Double Replacement and combustion reactions complete the five types of reactions.

1.  hand back Single Replacement labs
2.  finish id reactions on the back of the thermite demo sheet and turn in
3.  KI decomposition lab – due Thursday
4.  balancing review due Thursday
5.  id reactions 1 due Friday

1.  balancing quiz #2
2.  notes on double replacement
4.  themite demo and worksheet on identifying types of reactions - due Wednesday
5.  Balancing review due Thursday
6.  Finish lab if needed

1.     Finish notes on types of reactions – combustion
2.     Whoosh demo
3.     Id reactions worksheet 1– due Friday

1.  grade balancing review
2.  balancing quiz 2 tomorrow
3.  labs due
4.  id reactions 1 due tomorrow
5.  id reactions 2 due Monday

1.  id reactions worksheet due and grade
2.  balancing quiz 2
3.  id reactions 2 due Monday

Adv. Chemistry -  We are finishing up the thermodynamics unit with assessments on free energy and a two-day thermodynamics test.  

1.  Finish notes on free energy
2.  free energy bozeman
3.  entropy homework due tomorrow
4.  entropy quiz tomorrow
5.  thermo review due Friday

1.     grade entropy homework
2.     entropy quiz
3.     free energy homework due Thursday
4.     free energy quiz Thursday
5.     thermo review due Friday

1.     entropy quiz back
2.     free energy homework and quiz tomorrow
3.     solubility notes

1.      grade free energy homework
2.      Free energy quiz
3.     Thermo review due Friday
1.     Ion quiz
2.     grade therms review part 1
3.     Part 2 due Monday
4.     Test Tuesday and Wednesday of next week
5.     Continue solubility notes

AP Chemistry – We will finish the nine organic molecules with carboxylic acids, esters, and amines.  Students continue to scale up their boats and find the surface area to mass ration needed for success.

1.  hydrocarbon test back
2.  finish aldehyde and ketone and carboxylic acid notes
3.  aldehydes and ketones due tomorrow
4.  aldehyde and ketone quiz Weds
5.  ca homework due Friday

1.     grade A and K
2.     boat building day

1.     A and K quiz
2.     ca problems due
3.     start ester notes

1.     ca probs back
2.     ca quiz tomorrow

1.     ca quiz
2.     ester notes
3.     ester homework due Weds
4.     ester lab

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Week 14 Lesson Plans April 8-12

Week 14 Lesson Plans April 8-12

Chemistry – We are continuing our journey in identifying, predicting, and balancing chemical equations.  A demo or lab accompanies each of the five types of reactions.  Daily assessments provide practice.

1.  discuss Single Replacement labs and lab reports due Wednesday
2.  continue notes on types of reactions
3.  balancing I due and go over
4.  themite demo and worksheet on identifying types of reactions - due Thursday
5.  balancing II due tomorrow
6.  balancing III and IV due Thursday and Friday
7.  balancing quiz Wednesday


1.      balancing II – grade
2.      balancing quiz I
3.  continue notes on types of reactions 
4.  themite demo and worksheet on identifying types of reactions due
5. elephant toothpaste/instant foam demo sheet due tomorrow
1.      balancing quiz back
2.      grade worksheet III
3.      thermite demo and worksheet due
4.      finish notes on types of reactions

1.      grade worksheet on identifying types of reactions
2.      whoosh bottle demo
3.      balancing review due Tuesday

Adv. Chemistry – Our thermochemistry unit continues with the study of entropy (disorder) and free energy.  Along with enthalpy, these concepts can be used to predict whether or not a reaction is spontaneous or not. 

1.      grade HOF/HOV
2.      quiz over it Wednesday
3.      entropy notes
4.  entropy bozeman #57
5.  entropy worksheet due Thursday
6.  entropy quiz Thursday
7.  solubility ions quiz Friday


1.       HOF/HOV quiz
2.      free energy notes
3.      bozeman #59
4.      free energy homework due Friday

1.      grade entropy
2.      entropy quiz
3.  finish free energy notes

1.      entropy quiz back
2.      solubility quiz
3.      free energy worksheet due
4.      Themromochemistry review due Tuesday after break

AP CHEMISTRY – Students will continue study of the nine organic molecules while scaling up their grid paper boats to manila folder boats and testing the surface area to mass ratio.  Designs are chosen for the cardboard boats and a butcher paper model is constructed to examine design flaws before starting to build the actual boats.

1.       Alcohol review returned
2.      Alcohol Test on Friday
3.      Ketones notes
4.      Worksheet I – reactions - due Weds
5.      Worksheet II – alcohols - due Thursday
6.      Boat Activity 1 and 2 due by Friday
7.      Aldehyde and Ketone worksheet due Friday


1.      Worksheet I graded
2.      Worksheet II due tomorrow
3.      Aldehydes and Ketones due Friday
4.      Continue Boat designs and Activity 3

1.       Worksheet II graded
2.      Alcohol Test tomorrow
3.      A and K due tomorrow
4.      Boat Activity 3

1.      Alcohol Test
2.      Finish boat activity 1 and 2
3.      Aldehyde and Ketone worksheet due