Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Week 15 - Lesson Plans April 16th – April 20th

Week 15 - Lesson Plans April 16th – April 20th

Chemistry I - We will continue to explore the five types of reactions with demos and labs as well as various assessments such as balancing and predicting worksheets and quizzes.

1.  SR lab reports and quiz I back
2.  finish notes on chapter 8
3.  grade identifying reactions worksheet tomorrow
4.  balancing review due Thursday
5.  quiz II on balancing Weds

1.      grade identifying chemical reactions/thermite demo sheet
2.      KI decomposition lab - due Friday
3.      worksheet I due Thursday

1.  balancing quiz II
2.  worksheet I - finish for tomorrow
3.  finish decomposition lab due Friday
4.  balancing review due Thursday

1.  quiz II back
2.  grade worksheet I
3.  decomposition lab -due tomorrow

1.  double replacement lab 
2.  decomposition labs due

Chemistry II - Our last topic this year is Solubility.  Students will learn the solubility rules and what ions form precipitates and what ions are usually soluble.  This unit brings together much of what we have been doing thru Chemistry I and this year. 

Monday:  thermochemistry tests - day II

1.   notes on solubility thru Henry's law
2.  Henry's law worksheet due Thursday
3.  quiz over it on Friday

1.      ion quiz
2.      colligative properties video and worksheet due Friday
3.      Notes on solubility rules
4.      Henry’s Law probs and quiz Friday
5.      Solubility worksheet I due Friday

1.  grade Henry's Law problems
2.  quiz over it tomorrow
3.  solubility rules I worksheet due tomorrow
4.  quiz over it Friday
5.  Pre-Lab for Solubility Lab

1.      quiz tomorrow over it
2.      Solubility notes continued thru net ionic equations
3.      Net Ionic I due Monday

1.  quiz over Henry's Law
2.  colligative worksheet due
3.  solubility worksheet I
4.  Start Solubility Pre-Lab
5.  Net Ionic I due Monday

AP Chemistry -  We are finishing up the hydrocarbon unit of organic and will begin making the manila folder boat models to scale up to butcher paper.  This allows the students to actually get in their design before we build the cardboard boats with cardboard and duct tape.

1.  grade alkenes/alkynes
2.  organic notes - continue

1.  grade alkenes/alkynes again!
2.  continue notes
3.  hydrocarbons rings and things

1.  butcher paper boat
2.  make modifications for cardboard boat
3.  quiz over rings and things

1.  finish organic notes
2.  continue diagram model for boats

1.  review over hydrocarbon unit - due Monday
2.  continue diagram model for boats

Friday, April 6, 2018

WEEK 14 - Lesson Plans April 9-13

Lesson Plans April 9-13
Chemistry - We are continuing our exploration of the five types of reactions while we write balanced chemical equations for each type.  Students perform labs and experience demos for each of the types and are assessed by much practice in writing chemical equations.
1.  grade worksheet II
2.  Synthesis and Decomposition reactions discussed
3.  Demo - elephant toothpaste/instant foam demo sheet due Friday
4.  continue notes on types of reactions
5.  worksheet on identifying types of reactions - due Thursday
6.  discuss Single Replacement labs and lab reports due Thursday

Tuesday:  SAT test for Juniors
1.  grade worksheet III
2.  instant foam demo due Friday
2.  worksheet on identifying types of reactions - due Thursday
3.  Balancing review due Friday

1.  grade worksheet IV
2.  continue notes on combustion reactions
3.  whoosh bottle demo due Friday

1.  balancing quiz tomorrow
2.  grade identifying types of reactions
3.  id types of reactions due Monday

1.  balancing quiz
2.  id types of reactions due Monday
3.  balancing review due Tuesday
4.  KI lab Monday

Adv. Chemistry -  We are finishing up the thermodynamics unit with assessments on free energy and a two-day thermodynamics test.  Then we will start our last unit - solubility.
1.  Bozeman 53 on activation energy
2.  go over free energy practice quiz
3.  Free Energy quiz
4.  pages 1-3 on review due tomorrow
5.  pages 4-6 due Weds
6.  test on Thursday and Friday

1.  free energy quiz back
2.  grade pages 1-3 on review
3.  grade pages 4-6 tomorrow
4.  test on Thursday and Friday

1.  grade pages 1-3 on review
3.  grade pages 4-6 tomorrow
4.  test on Thursday and Friday

Thursday:  Thermochemistry Test - Day One

Friday:  finish test

AP Chemistry -Students are  
1.  grade additional problems II
2.  worksheet II due Tuesday
3.  quiz 1 tomorrow over alkanes
4.  practice quiz in class
5.  notes thru isomers
6.  alkenes/alkynes worksheet - due Wednesday

1.  grade worksheet II
2.  quiz 1 over naming and drawing alkanes
3.  alkenes/alkynes quiz tomorrow
4.  alkenes/alkynes again due Thursday
5.  notes thru rings

1.  quiz back
2.  grade alkenes/alkynes
3.  quiz II over alkanes tomorrow
4.  again worksheet due tomorrow
5.  continue notes on rings

1.  quiz II over alkanes
2.  grade alkenes/alkynes again
3.  alkene/alkyne quiz tomorrow
4.  notes thru halocarbons

1.  alkene/alkyne quiz
2.  worksheet III and practice probs III due Monday

Sunday, March 25, 2018

Week 13 - Lesson Plans for 4/2 - 2/6

Week 13 - Lesson Plans for 4/2 - 2/6

Chemistry I - We will begin the final chapter over balancing equations and types of reactions.  Everything that we have been studying is now coming together as we learn how to write and balance chemical equations as well as try many of them in the lab!

1.  chapter 6 test back
2.  go through balancing I together
3.  finish II for tomorrow

1.  grade II
2.  continue types of reactions notes
3.  III due tomorrow
4.  IV due Thursday
5.  thermite demo

1.      III due
2.      IV due tomorrow
3.      quiz I over balancing
4.      notes on reaction types

1.  quiz back
2.  Single Replacement Lab - reports due next Friday
3.  IV due

1.  finish lab if absent
2.  take quiz if absent
3.  work on lab reports due next Friday

Adv. Chemistry -

1.      grade HOF/HOV homework
2.      quiz tomorrow over it
3.      entropy notes
4.      entropy bozeman #57
5.      entropy worksheet due Thursday

1.      HOF/HOV quiz
2.      free energy notes

1.      ion quiz
2.      HOV/HOF quiz back
3.      bozeman #59
4.      continue free energy notes

1.  grade entropy
2.  quiz tomorrow over it
3.  finish free energy notes

1.  quiz over entropy
2.  pick up thermochemistry review - due Tuesday

AP Chemistry - Students are reviewing the acid and base unit from their AP book and beginning to explore organic chemistry.  Naming and drawing hydrocarbons are introduced.

1.  electrochemistry test back
2.  labs due
3.  begin organic chemistry notes on hydrocarbons
4.  quiz over 10 alkanes tomorrow in place of ion quiz

1.  continue notes on alkanes
2.  Practice Prob I due Thursday
3.  worksheet I due Friday
4.  quiz over 10 alkanes tomorrow in place of the ion quiz

1.  10 alkanes quiz
2.  notes thru naming and drawing
3.  additional problems worksheet due Monday

1.  grade practice problems I
2.  continue notes thru isomers
3.  quiz tomorrow over naming and drawing

1.  grade worksheet I
2.  quiz on naming and drawing
3.  continue notes

Friday, March 16, 2018

WEEK 12 - Lesson Plans March 19 -23

WEEK 12 - Lesson Plans March 19 -23
Chemistry I - We will finish the combined Ch 6 and Ch7 test before break, using assessments and reviews to go over the unit.

1.  Lewis I quiz back
2.  grade Lewis III
3.  naming acids practice quiz - go over
4.  questions on review
5.  acids review paper
6.  Lewis II quiz tomorrow

1.  Lewis II quiz
2.  review due tomorrow
3.  test on Thursday
4.  acids review together if time

1.  quiz back
2.  grade review
3.  test tomorrow

Thursday:  Chapter 6 Test

1.  Ch 6 Test - finish
2.  start ch 8 notes

Adv. Chemistry - The concepts of heats of formation and vaporization as well as entropy and free energy.  The test will fall after break.
1.  go over specific heat quiz
2.  grade enthalpy
3.  enthalpy quiz tomorrow
4.  Snowballs On Fire Lab due
5.  notes on HOV and HOF

1.  enthalpy quiz
2.  finish notes on HOV and HOF
3.  worksheet on HOV and HOF due Thursday
4.  Quiz over it Thursday

1.  notes on entropy
2.  entropy bozeman
3.  entropy worksheet due Friday
4.  quiz over it Friday
1.  grade HOF/HOV
2.  HOF/HOV quiz
3.  finish notes on entropy thru free energy

1.  grade entropy
2.  entropy quiz
3.  free energy notes
4.  free energy bozeman

AP Chemistry - We are wrapping up the Electrochemistry Unit with a test before break.  The electrolytic lab finishes the discussion over spontaneous and non-spontaneous cells.  Acid-Base AP book homework is due after break.
1.  go over review thru Nernst and galvanic cell homework
2.  electroytic lab - due Friday
3.  free energy homework due Weds
4.  quiz over it Weds

1.  finish lab
2.  electrochemistry review sheet due Thursday

1.  grade free energy homework
2.  quiz over it

1.  free energy quiz back
2.  go over review

Friday:  Electrochemistry Test

Sunday, March 11, 2018

WEEK 11 - Lesson Plans for 3/12 - 3/16

WEEK 11 - Lesson Plans for 3/12 - 3/16

Chemistry I -  As we continue to draw and analyze Lewis structures, we will being to determine hybridization and molecular geometry using those structures.  Naming and writing compounds continue as well as a review on naming acids.  The ch 6 test is next week and it is a doozy.  This week students will be reviewing for that test through a series of smaller  assessments.

1.  go over quiz
2.  Lewis I - go over together
3.   continue notes into geometry
4.  Lewis II due Wednesday

1.  notes on geometry and hybridization
2.  Lewis III due Friday
3.  Naming Acids Pop Quiz

1.  Go over Naming Acids Pop Quiz
2.  Lewis II - go over it together and label hybridization and geometry
3.  notes thru hybridization

1.  finish ch 6 notes if needed
2.   finish going over Lewis II if needed
3.  Naming Compounds Quiz 2

1.       go over naming acids pop quiz
2.       grade Lewis III adding hybridization and geometries
3.       Lewis structures I quiz
4.       Ch 6 review for test due Weds
5.       Test on Thursday

Adv. Chemistry  - The concept of enthalpy is introduced as well as heats of vaporization and fusion problems.  The  Snowballs on Fire Lab will combine solubility (our next unit) with thermochemistry.  The weekly ion quizzes are now based on Solubility Rules to help students prepare for the next unit. 

1.  grade specific heat worksheet
2.  specific heat quiz tomorrow
3.  Cool Reaction Labs due  Wednesday - need a rough draft of data table and a clean one
4.  Notes on specific heat thru Hess's Law

1.  finish enthalpy notes and Hess' Law
2.  Specific Heat Quiz
3.  Enthalpy worksheet due Thursday

1.  Ion quiz
2.  Snowballs on Fire Lab

1.  grade enthalpy homework
2.  Enthalpy quiz tomorrow
3.  Notes on ice changing to steam

1.  Enthalpy quiz
2.  HOF/HOV problems due Tuesday

AP Chemistry  - Mr. Smith's manufacturing class will be visiting us to create polymers with Chemistry Club and then we will visit their lab to see some of the neat things they make and the equipment they use in Manufacturing.  We will practice our labs for that visit.  As we finish the electrochemistry unit, we will also review Thermochemistry, as they are directly related through free energy, entropy, and enthalpy.   Both are covered extensively as a pair on the AP test.

1.  go over Nernst homework
2.  Nernst Quiz
3.  prepare for Mr. Smith Lab

Tuesday:  Mr. Smith's polymer labs with Chemistry Club - making slime and polyurethane foam

1.  ion quiz
2.  Visit Mr. Smith's Lab

1.   Electrochemical Cells thru Nernst due Monday
2.   Thermochemistry Review Free Responses

1. Thermochem Free Responses
2.  Finish review for Monday