Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week 7: Lesson Plans September 26th - 30th

Chemistry Lesson Plans September 26th - 30th
We are starting our measurement unit and focusing on good lab skills to show accuracy and precision and making good measuring decisions.  We will begin The Energy of Foods Lab – by using the computational chemistry program WebMO to design and analyze a carbohydrate and a fat.
1.  Tests back
2.  Start the notes on Measurement Unit thru temp and heat energy
3.  Qualitative Analysis - due Friday 9/30 with by midnight Sun.
4.  Getting to Know ch 2 worksheet due Tuesday
5.  worksheets #1 and #2 on scientific measurement - due Thursday

1.  GTK ch 2 due
2.  Continue Measurement notes
3.  worksheets #1 and #2 on scientific notation - due Thursday
4.  temperature worksheet due Friday

1.  grade GTK ch 2
2.  Continue Measurement notes
3.  Start Measurement Lab

1.  scientific notation worksheet #1 and 2 due
2.  finish Measurement Lab - no lab report
3.  Notes if time

1.  grade scientific notation worksheets #3 and #4
2.  Qualitative Analysis Lab due with by midnight Sun.
3.  Continue notes
4.  Measurement Lab due. 

Adv. Chemistry Lesson Plans September 26th - 30th
This week we will finish our discussion about limiting reactants and molarity and start reviewing for the Stoichiometry Test. 

1.  Molarity lab overdue
2.  limiting quiz back
3.  Molarity practice quiz
4.  pre-lab for the reaction lab

1.  grade Molarity review
2.  Molarity quiz
3.  Stoichiometry Review due Friday
4.  reaction pre-lab

Weds:  reaction lab
Thursday: reaction lab

1.  grade review 
2.  Test Tuesday over Stoichiometry

AP Chemistry September 26th - 30th
We will finish our discussion on hydrocarbons.  Chapter 4 homework needs to be completed by the end of the month.  Summer review ch 2 on the Periodic Table will also be discussed.

1.  ion quiz
2.  finish pie tin lab and model kit lab
3.  more alkanes, alkenes/alkynes, and again worksheets due
4.  ch 4 due Friday
5.  rings and things/PPIII  worksheet due Wednesday

1.  labs due
2.  worksheets due
3.  finish up notes
4.  hydrocarbon worksheet I with models due Monday
5.  Quiz tomorrow over alkenes and alkynes
6.  ion quiz back

1.  alkene/alkyne quiz
2.  organic notes part I - finish
3.  Review 1,2 worksheet due Tuesday

1.  Chapter 2 Periodic Table review and go over summer work
2.  Test on Weds over the material
3.  Additional Review 3 due Weds

1.  ch 4 homework due

2.  slime lab

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Lesson Plans Sept 19-23 (Week 6)

Lesson Plans Sept 19-23  (Week 6)

Chemistry I – The objective this week is to finish up our unit on physical and chemical properties and changes and the review of the elements for a Chapter 1 test.  We will begin our unit on measurement with a lab on qualitative analysis at the end of the week.  This is different than quantitative analysis which involves numbered measurements.  Qualitative analysis uses descriptive analysis, such as precipitates.  Ask your student what a precipitate is and how to spell it.

1.       Lab reports back and discuss
2.       Element review or grade element sheet
3.       STP/1-3 worksheet due
4.       Unit II homework sheet due
5.       Book assignment Reviewing Concepts page 28 #10, 17, 22 and Problems 1,3, and 4 due Thurs
6.       Test on Friday
1.       Grade STP and changes worksheet
2.       Element review
3.       Unit II worksheet due tomorrow
4.       start measurement unit notes
1.       GradeUnit II worksheet
2.       Element review
3.       Test on Friday
4.       bookwork due tomorrow
5.       qualitative analysis pre-lab
6.       Getting to Know Ch 2 due Tuesday

1.       Unit II test with elements tomorrow
2.       grade Book assignment Reviewing Concepts page 28 #10, 17, 22 and Problems 1,3, and 4
3.       qualitative analysis lab
4.       lab reports due tomorrow
1.       Unit II Test
2.       Lab reports due - turnitin due next Friday
3.       Getting to Know Ch 2 due Tuesday

Lesson Plans Sept 19-23 

Adv. Chemistry – This week will continue our exploration into stoichiometry.  Students will attempt to fill a snack baggie with a gas produced from the correct amounts of vinegar and baking soda to see which reactant is limiting and what the best recipe will be.  We will also revisit the concept of molarity or concentration and have a molarity lab where students prepare certain concentrations of various chemical solutions.

1.  Go over stoich quiz #2
2.  Part I of Molarity Lab
3.  Finish Stoich set 2 for tomorrow
4.  quiz tomorrow on basic stoich
5.  Limiting worksheet due Weds

1.  multiple choice basic stoich quiz
2.  finish part I of Molarity Lab

1.  grade set II
2.  Finish Part II of Molarity Lab - due Friday
3.  Limiting problems finish

1.  grade limiting homework
2.  finish lab due Friday
3.  Molarity Handout together
4.  Molarity worksheet due Weds
5.  limiting quiz tomorrow


1.  Finish lab if needed
2.  Limiting Quiz
3.  Molarity worksheet due Weds

Lesson Plans Sept 19-23  
AP Chemistry – this week continues our discussion of organic molecules and the bonding and inter and intramolecular forces that hold them together. 

1.  cook shirts!
2.  start model kit lab
3.  finish worksheet II and III for tomorrow

1.  grade worksheet II
2.  alkanes quiz
3.  worksheet III due tomorrow

1.  alkanes quiz back
2.  grade worksheet III
3.  pie tin lab - due Friday
4.  model kit lab - due Friday

1.  finish labs for tomorrow
2.  ion quiz tomorrow
3. even more alkanes, alkenes, alkynes worksheets due Monday

1.  ion quiz

2.  finish labs - they are due

Friday, September 9, 2016

Week FIVE Lesson Plans Sept 12th – Sept 16th

Chemistry I Lesson Plans Sept 12th – Sept 16th
This week we will focus on the difference between physical and chemical properties and changes and what indicates that a chemical reaction has occurred.  The Physical and Chemical Properties Lab will be used to refer to these concepts with the lab report due at the end of the week.
1.  Lab reports due Tuesday Sept 13th, turnitin by the 15th
2.  Grade GTK chapter 1
3.  Sulfur video
4.  continue notes

1.       Grade element sheet
2.       Lab reports due, turnitin by the 15th
3.       STP and changes worksheet due Friday
4.       Continue notes

1.       Continue notes
2.       STP and changes worksheet due Friday
3.       Unit II homework sheet due Monday
1.       Unit II homework sheet due Monday
2.       Continue notes
3.       Book assignment Reviewing Concepts page 28 #10, 16-22 and Problems 1,3, and 4 due Tuesday
4.       STP and changes due tomorrow
1.       STP and changes worksheet due and grade
2.       Unit II homework sheet due Monday
3.       Book assignment Reviewing Concepts page 28 #10, 16-22 and Problems 1,3, and 4 due Tuesday

Chemistry II Lesson Plans Sept 12th – Sept 16th

This week we will continue our discussion of limiting and excess reactants using stoichiometry problems and labs.  The concept of concentration and molarity will also be revisited.  These are big ideas in the study of chemistry and are used throughout the year.

1.  Potassium Chlorate Labs back
2.  Stoichiometry notes over limiting and excess
3.  Quiz Tues. over stoichiometry

1.       Stoichiometry Probs I due and grade
2.       Quiz I over stoichiometry
3.       Set 2 due Friday

1.  Quiz 1 back
2.  Continue notes over percent yield
3.  work on set 2 due Friday

1.       go over quiz I
2.       Finish notes if needed
3.    work on stoich 2 due Friday
4.  Molarity pre-lab

1.       Grade stoich 2
2.       Molarity lab

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans Sept 12th – Sept 16th

This week we will continue our application of inter and intramolecular forces using organic chemistry.

1.  Quiz on 10 alkanes
2.  Grade PPI and WI
3.  Notes on naming and reconstructing alkanes
4.  Additional Probs II due Weds


1.  ion quiz #4
2.  Continue notes on naming organic compounds thru isomers
3.  Finish Additional Probs II for tomorrow
4.  Worksheet II for Friday

1.       Ion Quiz #4 back
2.       Practice Quiz on alkanes
3.       Quiz tomorrow over alkanes

Thursday:  T-SHIRTS
1.       Grade Additional Problems II
2.       Quiz I – alkanes
3.       Model Kit Lab I -start
4.       Notes on alkenes and alkynes
5.    Alkenes and alkynes, alkenes and alkynes again due Wednesday
6.    Worksheet II due Tuesday

Friday: T-SHIRTS
1.       Quiz I back
2.       Worksheet II due Tuesday
3.       Alkene/Alkynes and Alkynes again due Wednesday

4.       Continue Model Kit Lab

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Week Four Lesson Plans

Week 4:  Lesson Plans September  6th - 9th

Chemistry I:  This week will focus on using lab to learn about physical and chemical properties.  Our first unit test on lab equipment, types of chemistry, and the scientific method will assess our chapter one knowledge and we will begin chapter two by learning the elements.

Monday:  LABOR DAY


1.  Unit I test back
2.  Physical and Chemical Properties Lab - properties

Weds:  Day Two of Physical and Chemical Properties Lab - changes

Thursday:  Day Three of Physical and Chemical Properties Lab - reactions

1.  Finish Lab if needed
2.  Work on Lab reports due next Tuesday 9/13
3.  Set up account

Advanced Chemistry:  This week we will use the Potassium Chlorate Lab to apply our knowledge of percent composition, formulae, and stroichiometry.

Monday:  LABOR DAY

1.  Formula Masses Quiz Back
2.  Potassium Chlorate Lab – due Thursday 9/8
3. information
4.  Stoichiometry notes

1.  Smores Lab
2.  Stoichiometry notes
3.  Stoichiometry Problems I worksheet due Tuesday

1. Finish Stoichiometry Notes on percent yield
2.  Labs due

1.  Stoichiometry Problems I due Tuesday
2.  Finish  notes

Week 4:  Lesson Plans September 6th - September 9th

AP Chemistry:  We will continue our study of inter and intra molecular forces.    The first half of ch 4 ionic bonding review of ch 4 is due Sept 14th.  Chemistry Club t-shirts using ultraviolet developing will be made so we have something to wear on our visits to the elementary and junior high schools. 

1.  ion quiz tomorrow
2.  FR #3 back
3.  organic notes and 10 alkanes
4.  PPI worksheet due Wednesday

1.  intermolecular forces lab
2.  ion quiz
3.  continue organic notes

1.  boardo 10 alkanes
2.  T-shirt ideas
3.  PPI due and grade

1.  Finish t-shirts designs
2.  Alkanes worksheet due Tuesday

Monday, August 29, 2016

Week Three Lesson Plans for August 29th -September 2nd

Week Three Lesson Plans for August 29th -September 2nd

Chemistry I – This week we will be getting into the lab to cut, fire polish, and bend glass tubing.  This allows me to identify the pyromaniacs and deviants so I am aware of their presence in the lab.  It is fine to be fascinated by fire – I just want to be aware.  I certainly love fire myself.  We will also be reviewing unit I to prepare for the test on Friday.  Students will learn and identify lab equipment for the test as well.

1.       Post-tests back
2.       Lab equipment review - finish
3.       Element review due
4.       Unit I review due Weds
5.       Getting to know chapter 1 due Thursday
6.       glass bending lab pre-lab sheet

1.       Unit I review due Weds
2.       test on Friday
3.       finish Glassworking Pre-Lab
4.       begin lab

1.       Grade Review
2.       Finish Glassworking Lab
3.       GTK ch 1 due tomorrow
4.       elements worksheet overdue

1.       grade GTK ch 1
2.       Unit I test
5.       Start Unit II notes

1.       Unit II notes if time
2.   Glassworking Lab if needed

Week Three Lesson Plans for August 29th -September 2nd
This week will focus on applying our review of balancing and calculating formula mass, percent composition, and empirical and molecular formulae
using a lab on finding the percent of oxygen in potassium chlorate.  Then we will apply our knowledge of molarity to a molarity lab leading into our stoichiometry review and application.


  1. Weights quiz back
  2. Finish notes
  3. Formula Masses worksheet due tomorrow
  4. potassium chlorate pre-lab if time


  1. Finish note set
  2. Grade formula mass worksheet
  3. Quiz over formula masses tomorrow
  4. Start Potassium ChloratePre- Lab - sterilize the crucible and lid
  5. Lab report format and turnitin codes


  1. Formula masses  Quiz
  2. Part 2 of Potassium Chlorate lab
  3. Lab reports due next Thursday Sept 4th with turnitin by midnight Saturday


  1. Part II of Potassium Chlorate Lab - continue
  2. Discuss lab – turnitin on computers


  1. Finish Potassium Chlorate Lab if needed
  2. discuss lab data
  3. lab reports due next Thursday with turnitin by Saturday

Week Three Lesson Plans for August 29th -September 2nd
This week will focus on our discussion on bonding and forces and how to predict what types are present in molecules.  We will finish our inquiry lab determining if food coloring is a polar covalent, non-polar covalent, or an ionic solution.  We will focus on Chapter 1 Review - the ATOM.


  1. Quantum number activity
  2. FR #1 back
  3. notes on bonding


  1. FR #2 due
  2. t-shirts due
  3. ch 4 homework!
  4. intermolecular forces lab - due Friday


  1. ion quiz
  2. FR #2 back
  3. start organic notes
  4. 10 alkanes
  5. PP I due Monday


  1.  FR #3
  2. continue organic notes
  3. 10 alkanes
  4. PP I due Monday


  1. T-shirt designs?
2.    quantum number quiz

  1. alcohol and water intermolecular forces lab due
  2. FR #3 back if time

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First Weeks Lesson Plans

Chemistry I - Week of 8/18 – 8/19  - These half-days are centered on the student.  The ones I know and the especially the new ones.  I would like to know about their expectations of the course and get to know the new ones better through a questionairre.  We will also go through the obligatory paperwork concerning rules and behavior so that the student understands what I expect of them.  I prefer to work with my students and their parents as a team for a successful year.  These are early dismissal days 11:30.

1.  questionairre with 5 questions due next Friday
2.  information sheet due Monday
3.  parent/guardian letter and signature due Monday
3.  calculator with “log” button required
4.  grading policy handed out
5.  lab safety rules distributed
6.  LAB SAFETY PRE-TEST on Tuesday, August 23rd

1.  books assigned
2.  begin discussion of lab safety rules
3.  PRE-TEST on Tuesday
4.  Bonus kleenex due next Friday

Adv. Chemistry - Week of 8/18 – 8/19 – This week goes through paper work and lab safety rules.  Safety in the lab is a number one priority.  We will also begin reviewing where we left off last year with balancing chemical equations and writing and naming chemical formulae.

1.  questionairre with 5 questions due next Friday
2.  information sheet due Monday
3.  classroom rules due Monday
4.  lab safety rules handed out for post-test
5.  LAB SAFETY POST-TEST on Tuesday, August 23rd

1.  Lab safety test Tuesday
2.  hand out ion sheet and periodic table
3.  balancing review due Thursday
4.  balancing quiz Friday

AP Chemistry - Week of 8/18 – 8/19 -  The next few weeks are focused on the obligatory paper work and rules which are extremely important for our safety in lab.  The summer review homework will also be discussed.  Students are responsible to get help with questions on that homework ASAP.  We will begin a unit on organic chemistry and use this topic to review bonding and inter and intramolecular forces.

1.  questionairre with 5 questions due next Friday
2.  information sheet due Monday
3.  classroom rules due Monday
4.  LAB SAFETY POST-TEST on Tuesday, August 23rd
5.  Fill out folder for class.
6.  Chapter 4 review homework will be due September 30th

1.  Lab safety test Tuesday
2.  Discussion of class and expectations
3.  Chapter 1 review homework distributed and discussed

Lesson Plans for August 23rd – 26th

Chemistry I   This week will focus primarily on lab safety rules, demonstrations, and discussion as safety is our first priority in a lab course.  We will also begin lecture on “what is chemistry?” and discuss the units of study for the class.

1.    questionairre with 5 questions due Friday
2.    go over lab safety contract due Friday with parent signature
3.    bring books!!
4.    continue lab tour and safety rules
5.    safety rules demos
6.    pre-test in class tomorrow
7.    post-test on Friday
8.    hand out periodic tables

1.    Lab Safety Pre-Test
2.    paperwork due Friday
3.    Getting to Know Your Book worksheet due Thursday
4.    element review due Friday

     1.       Getting to Know Your Book worksheet due Thursday
     2.       Continue going over lab safety rules
     3.       Tour of lab and use of fire extinguisher
     4.       Set hands on fire!
     5.       go over lab safety rules pre-test
     6.       Lab safety rules post-test on Friday
     7.   Unit I notes - what is Chemistry?
8.   element review due Friday

     1.   Turn in paperwork
     2.  getting to know book worksheet due
     3.   Finish safety rules and demos
     4.       Post-test tomorrow
     5.       Unit I notes - What is Chemistry? continued
     6.    Set hands on fire!
     7.    Lab safety contract due tomorrow
     1.       Lab Safety Post-test
2.       element review due Friday
3.    lab equipment
4.    unit I review sheet due Tuesday
5.    GTW ch 1 due Thursday
     6.    Lab safety contract due
     7.       Paperwork due

Lesson Plans for August 23rd – 26th

Advanced Chemistry – This week reviews important concepts from last year – balancing chemical equations and calculating formula weights.  A decomposition of potassium chlorate is used in lab to apply these concepts and re-familiarize the students with lab equipment and protocol.

1.       Lab Safety Post-Test tomorrow over lab safety rules
2.       Balancing review due Thursday
3.       Quiz over balancing on Friday
4.       Begin MASS and FORMULAE NOTES from ch 7
5.       Formula Weights worksheet due Friday

1.       Turn in paperwork
2.       Lab Safety Post-Test over lab safety rules
3.       Balancing review due Thursday, quiz Friday
4.       Formula weights worksheet due Friday

1.       Balancing review sheet due tomorrow
3.       Quiz over balancing Friday
4.       Continue notes on mass and formulae
5.       Formula Masses worksheet due Monday

1.       Balancing review sheet due and grade
2.    Balancing review quiz tomorrow
3.       Formula weights worksheet due tomorrow
4.       Formula masses worksheet due Monday
5.       Finish notes on empirical and molecular formulae

1.       Balancing review quiz
2.       Formula weights worksheet due
3.       Formula Masses worksheet due Monday
4.       Pre-lab for potassium chlorate lab

Lesson Plans for August 23rd – 26th

AP Chemistry – This week students will design their chemistry club ultraviolet-developed t-shirts used for Chemistry Club visits.  We will review ch 1 AP review material.  Organic chemistry lecture will introduce hydrocarbons while reviewing types of bonding and forces with a lab, observing food coloring drops in various solutions

1.  ion quiz #1
2.  lab safety post-tests tomorrow
3.  ch 1 review slides

1.  Lab Safety Post-Test over lab safety rules
2.  continue ch 1 review
3.  chapter 4 assignment due Sept 30th
4.  organic notes - start

1.  Free Response #1 The Atom as bell-ringer
2.  ch 1 crib notes
3.  quantum number quiz Friday

1.  quantum number quiz tomorrow
2.  Free Response #2 The Atom as bell-ringer
3.  quantum number outdoor activity

1.  ion quiz #1 back
2.  quantum number quiz
3.  Free Response #3 - due Tuesday