Monday, August 29, 2016

Week Three Lesson Plans for August 29th -September 2nd

Week Three Lesson Plans for August 29th -September 2nd

Chemistry I – This week we will be getting into the lab to cut, fire polish, and bend glass tubing.  This allows me to identify the pyromaniacs and deviants so I am aware of their presence in the lab.  It is fine to be fascinated by fire – I just want to be aware.  I certainly love fire myself.  We will also be reviewing unit I to prepare for the test on Friday.  Students will learn and identify lab equipment for the test as well.

1.       Post-tests back
2.       Lab equipment review - finish
3.       Element review due
4.       Unit I review due Weds
5.       Getting to know chapter 1 due Thursday
6.       glass bending lab pre-lab sheet

1.       Unit I review due Weds
2.       test on Friday
3.       finish Glassworking Pre-Lab
4.       begin lab

1.       Grade Review
2.       Finish Glassworking Lab
3.       GTK ch 1 due tomorrow
4.       elements worksheet overdue

1.       grade GTK ch 1
2.       Unit I test
5.       Start Unit II notes

1.       Unit II notes if time
2.   Glassworking Lab if needed

Week Three Lesson Plans for August 29th -September 2nd
This week will focus on applying our review of balancing and calculating formula mass, percent composition, and empirical and molecular formulae
using a lab on finding the percent of oxygen in potassium chlorate.  Then we will apply our knowledge of molarity to a molarity lab leading into our stoichiometry review and application.


  1. Weights quiz back
  2. Finish notes
  3. Formula Masses worksheet due tomorrow
  4. potassium chlorate pre-lab if time


  1. Finish note set
  2. Grade formula mass worksheet
  3. Quiz over formula masses tomorrow
  4. Start Potassium ChloratePre- Lab - sterilize the crucible and lid
  5. Lab report format and turnitin codes


  1. Formula masses  Quiz
  2. Part 2 of Potassium Chlorate lab
  3. Lab reports due next Thursday Sept 4th with turnitin by midnight Saturday


  1. Part II of Potassium Chlorate Lab - continue
  2. Discuss lab – turnitin on computers


  1. Finish Potassium Chlorate Lab if needed
  2. discuss lab data
  3. lab reports due next Thursday with turnitin by Saturday

Week Three Lesson Plans for August 29th -September 2nd
This week will focus on our discussion on bonding and forces and how to predict what types are present in molecules.  We will finish our inquiry lab determining if food coloring is a polar covalent, non-polar covalent, or an ionic solution.  We will focus on Chapter 1 Review - the ATOM.


  1. Quantum number activity
  2. FR #1 back
  3. notes on bonding


  1. FR #2 due
  2. t-shirts due
  3. ch 4 homework!
  4. intermolecular forces lab - due Friday


  1. ion quiz
  2. FR #2 back
  3. start organic notes
  4. 10 alkanes
  5. PP I due Monday


  1.  FR #3
  2. continue organic notes
  3. 10 alkanes
  4. PP I due Monday


  1. T-shirt designs?
2.    quantum number quiz

  1. alcohol and water intermolecular forces lab due
  2. FR #3 back if time

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

First Weeks Lesson Plans

Chemistry I - Week of 8/18 – 8/19  - These half-days are centered on the student.  The ones I know and the especially the new ones.  I would like to know about their expectations of the course and get to know the new ones better through a questionairre.  We will also go through the obligatory paperwork concerning rules and behavior so that the student understands what I expect of them.  I prefer to work with my students and their parents as a team for a successful year.  These are early dismissal days 11:30.

1.  questionairre with 5 questions due next Friday
2.  information sheet due Monday
3.  parent/guardian letter and signature due Monday
3.  calculator with “log” button required
4.  grading policy handed out
5.  lab safety rules distributed
6.  LAB SAFETY PRE-TEST on Tuesday, August 23rd

1.  books assigned
2.  begin discussion of lab safety rules
3.  PRE-TEST on Tuesday
4.  Bonus kleenex due next Friday

Adv. Chemistry - Week of 8/18 – 8/19 – This week goes through paper work and lab safety rules.  Safety in the lab is a number one priority.  We will also begin reviewing where we left off last year with balancing chemical equations and writing and naming chemical formulae.

1.  questionairre with 5 questions due next Friday
2.  information sheet due Monday
3.  classroom rules due Monday
4.  lab safety rules handed out for post-test
5.  LAB SAFETY POST-TEST on Tuesday, August 23rd

1.  Lab safety test Tuesday
2.  hand out ion sheet and periodic table
3.  balancing review due Thursday
4.  balancing quiz Friday

AP Chemistry - Week of 8/18 – 8/19 -  The next few weeks are focused on the obligatory paper work and rules which are extremely important for our safety in lab.  The summer review homework will also be discussed.  Students are responsible to get help with questions on that homework ASAP.  We will begin a unit on organic chemistry and use this topic to review bonding and inter and intramolecular forces.

1.  questionairre with 5 questions due next Friday
2.  information sheet due Monday
3.  classroom rules due Monday
4.  LAB SAFETY POST-TEST on Tuesday, August 23rd
5.  Fill out folder for class.
6.  Chapter 4 review homework will be due September 30th

1.  Lab safety test Tuesday
2.  Discussion of class and expectations
3.  Chapter 1 review homework distributed and discussed

Lesson Plans for August 23rd – 26th

Chemistry I   This week will focus primarily on lab safety rules, demonstrations, and discussion as safety is our first priority in a lab course.  We will also begin lecture on “what is chemistry?” and discuss the units of study for the class.

1.    questionairre with 5 questions due Friday
2.    go over lab safety contract due Friday with parent signature
3.    bring books!!
4.    continue lab tour and safety rules
5.    safety rules demos
6.    pre-test in class tomorrow
7.    post-test on Friday
8.    hand out periodic tables

1.    Lab Safety Pre-Test
2.    paperwork due Friday
3.    Getting to Know Your Book worksheet due Thursday
4.    element review due Friday

     1.       Getting to Know Your Book worksheet due Thursday
     2.       Continue going over lab safety rules
     3.       Tour of lab and use of fire extinguisher
     4.       Set hands on fire!
     5.       go over lab safety rules pre-test
     6.       Lab safety rules post-test on Friday
     7.   Unit I notes - what is Chemistry?
8.   element review due Friday

     1.   Turn in paperwork
     2.  getting to know book worksheet due
     3.   Finish safety rules and demos
     4.       Post-test tomorrow
     5.       Unit I notes - What is Chemistry? continued
     6.    Set hands on fire!
     7.    Lab safety contract due tomorrow
     1.       Lab Safety Post-test
2.       element review due Friday
3.    lab equipment
4.    unit I review sheet due Tuesday
5.    GTW ch 1 due Thursday
     6.    Lab safety contract due
     7.       Paperwork due

Lesson Plans for August 23rd – 26th

Advanced Chemistry – This week reviews important concepts from last year – balancing chemical equations and calculating formula weights.  A decomposition of potassium chlorate is used in lab to apply these concepts and re-familiarize the students with lab equipment and protocol.

1.       Lab Safety Post-Test tomorrow over lab safety rules
2.       Balancing review due Thursday
3.       Quiz over balancing on Friday
4.       Begin MASS and FORMULAE NOTES from ch 7
5.       Formula Weights worksheet due Friday

1.       Turn in paperwork
2.       Lab Safety Post-Test over lab safety rules
3.       Balancing review due Thursday, quiz Friday
4.       Formula weights worksheet due Friday

1.       Balancing review sheet due tomorrow
3.       Quiz over balancing Friday
4.       Continue notes on mass and formulae
5.       Formula Masses worksheet due Monday

1.       Balancing review sheet due and grade
2.    Balancing review quiz tomorrow
3.       Formula weights worksheet due tomorrow
4.       Formula masses worksheet due Monday
5.       Finish notes on empirical and molecular formulae

1.       Balancing review quiz
2.       Formula weights worksheet due
3.       Formula Masses worksheet due Monday
4.       Pre-lab for potassium chlorate lab

Lesson Plans for August 23rd – 26th

AP Chemistry – This week students will design their chemistry club ultraviolet-developed t-shirts used for Chemistry Club visits.  We will review ch 1 AP review material.  Organic chemistry lecture will introduce hydrocarbons while reviewing types of bonding and forces with a lab, observing food coloring drops in various solutions

1.  ion quiz #1
2.  lab safety post-tests tomorrow
3.  ch 1 review slides

1.  Lab Safety Post-Test over lab safety rules
2.  continue ch 1 review
3.  chapter 4 assignment due Sept 30th
4.  organic notes - start

1.  Free Response #1 The Atom as bell-ringer
2.  ch 1 crib notes
3.  quantum number quiz Friday

1.  quantum number quiz tomorrow
2.  Free Response #2 The Atom as bell-ringer
3.  quantum number outdoor activity

1.  ion quiz #1 back
2.  quantum number quiz
3.  Free Response #3 - due Tuesday