Sunday, March 30, 2014

Lesson Plans March 31st -April 4th

Lesson Plans Chemistry I March 31st -April 4th
Students will continue to practice drawing Lewis structures.  By the end of the week, they will understand how to relate these structures to molecular properties by analyzing the geometry of the Lewis structure as well as the bond lengths, bond angles, electron pair domains, and hybridizations.  The computational program WebMO will help them visualize these concepts in 3D.

1.      Continue notes on Lewis Structures – sigma and pi bonds and polyatomic ions
2.      Lewis I due tomorrow
3.      Lewis II due Weds
1.      Grade Lewis I worksheet
2.      Notes on VSEPR and electron pair domains
3.      Lewis II due tomorrow
4.      Lewis III due Thursday
1.      Grade Lewis II worksheet
2.      Lewis quiz tomorrow
3.      Notes on hybridization and metallic bonding
4.      Lewis III due tomorrow
1.      Grade Lewis III
2.      Lewis quiz
3.      Finish notes if needed
4.      Chapter 6 review due Tuesday
Friday:  WebMO I activity on bond angles and lengths and hybridization

this drawing of nitrogen dioxide in WebMO helps students analyze the molecule's bond lengths, angles, and hybridizations as well as how these aspects affect the molecule's properties

Lesson Plans Adv. Chemistry  March 31st -April 4th
By the end of the week, students will be able to interpret pH titration graphs and understand that there is a difference between a strong acid/strong base titration and those with weak acids or weak bases.  Using an ICE table helps in the mathematical process in solving such weak acid problems.  Finding the Ka value of an acid  using an ICE table is very important in understanding the concept of equilibrium , which is one of the big topics in Chemistry.

 1.  grade titration problems II
2.  titration quiz
3.  titration curve worksheet due Weds
4.  ICE table examples from  notes
 1.  ICE table examples from notes
2.  Ka worksheet due Friday
 1.  grade titration curves worksheet
2.  titration curves quiz
3.  acid base review due Monday
 1.  ICE table examples from notes
2.  Ka worksheet due tomorrow
3.  Ka quiz tomorrow
1.  grade the Ka worksheet
2.  Ka quiz
3.  acid base review due Monday

Lesson Plans AP Chemistry  March 31st -April 4th
Students will finish our study of equilibrium which will be revisited in their review of the acid/base unit and thermodynamics unit.  By the end of the week, students will begin to understand the concept of reaction rates as we cover this topic and begin our first lab of the unit.  A further exploration of this concept will be continued next week.

the iodine clock reaction is a standard lab for observing order or reaction rates

1Probs #11-17 due
2.  ch 11 rates of reaction overdue!
3.  finish march madness periodic table game
4.  Cliff’s homework set due Weds
1.  Vitamin C Clock Reaction Lab
2.  Cliff’s homework due tomorrow
1.  AP quiz over equilibrium – multiple choice and free response
2.  Cliff’s homework due
3.  March  Madness due
1.  rates of reaction ch 11 lecture
2.  iodine clock reaction lab part I
1.  rates of reaction ch 11 lecture over
2.  iodine clock reaction lab part II

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Lesson Plans for March 24 thru 28

Chemistry I Lesson Plans March 24-28
This week we are finishing up our Penny Lab where we looked at why you can place over 150 drops of water on a penny.  We used a computational chemistry program to draw water and other solutions and look at their properties (  After two weeks of naming and writing ionic and covalent compounds, we are ready to start drawing their Lewis structures.  This is a very important unit as it is the groundwork for learning what reactions take place in our next chapter – where the real chemistry can begin……
webmo drawing of acetone (nail polish remover)

1.       Grade writing 2
2.       Finish Penny Lab discussion – no graphs this year, labs due Friday
3.       Naming and Writing 3 due tomorrow
4.       Quiz Weds over naming and writing
5.       Notes on bond types and Lewis Structures
1.       Grade naming compounds 3
2.       Notes on Lewis continued
3.       Lewis I due Thursday
4.       Quiz over naming and writing tomorrow
1.       Grade writing compounds 3
2.       Quiz over naming and writing compounds
3.       Continue notes on drawing Lewis structures
4.       Lewis I due Friday
5.       Penny Lab due Friday
1.   Discuss quiz
2.   Lewis I due tomorrow
3.   Double and triple bonds in Lewis structures - notes

1.  Grade Lewis I
2.  Continue notes over VSEPR theory
3.  Penny Lab due
4.  Lewis II due Tuesday

Adv. Chemistry Lesson Plans March 24-28
This week we are finishing up our titration portion of the acid/base unit.  We used a virtual titration lab last week to practice titrating which can be a tedious procedure.  It also helps reduce chemical waste in the real lab.  Finishing up our topic of naming and writing acid and base formulae, students will begin applying their knowledge of what makes a strong versus weak acid or base with the introduction of equilibrium at the end of the week.
titration method
1.  Grade naming bases worksheet
2.  Start titration lab – unknown I
3.  Titration Virtual Labs due Tuesday
4.  quiz tomorrow over naming acids

1.  quiz over naming acids
2.  quiz tomorrow over naming bases
3. continue titration lab – unknown I finish, start unknown II
4.  grade 22 pt titration worksheet Friday

1.  quiz over naming bases
2.  finish titration lab – unknown II
3.  22 pt titration worksheet due Friday

1. finish titration lab
2. titration worksheets both due tomorrow
3.  quiz tomorrow over titration
4.  start acid/base review up to ICE tables due Monday

1.       Grade 22 pt titration worksheet
2.       Quiz over titration
3.       20 pt titration worksheet due
4.       Acid-Base Review up to ICE tables due Monday
5.       Equilibrium ICE table notes

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans March 24-28
We are finishing up our equilibrium unit this week and taking the AP practice test for it.  Equilibrium is a very important topic that is used in many different aspects of chemistry and will be revisited in the acid/base review as well as our thermodynamics review.  Our next topic of rates of reaction will be introduced next week, so students are asked to read ahead in their AP book.  On Friday, we will have a fun activity about the Periodic Table in the format of an NCAA bracket to celebrate March Madness!

1.  homework back and discuss
2.  Ksp notes and problems lecture
3.  Ch 11 homework on rates due!

1.  finish notes on Ksp
2.  Modern Chemistry prob set in class – due Thursday
3.  finish #2 free response in Cliffs

1.  Cliff’s worksheet on equilibrium due Friday
2.  Problem set due tomorrow

Thurs:  PLAY DAY
1.  Prob set due
2.  AP equilibrium multiple choice and free response test

1.  Cliff’s worksheet due
2.  Element March Madness activity