Grading Policy



98.5 – 100         A+

93.5 – 98.4       A

90.0 – 93.4       A-


87.5 – 89.9       B+

83.5 – 87.4       B

80.0 – 83.4       B-


77.5 – 79.9       C+

73.5 – 77.4       C

70.0 – 73.4       C-


67.5 – 69.9       D+

63.5 – 67.4       D

60.0 – 63.4       D-


below 60.0        F


Any score on a test that falls below 70% (C-) is considered “non-mastery”, meaning that a part of the material was not understood well enough.  Students will be allowed to retake the portion of the exam that was not mastered provided that it is taken within THREE school days of the test date.  The highest score possible on such a retake is 70%.  It is the responsibility of the student to set up a retake time OUTSIDE of class time.  If you see an “NM” on your test, you have not mastered all the material covered and are eligible for such a retake. 


Cheating is a real problem.  A zero on the assignment, detention, and call home will follow any cheating incident, whether on exams or homework.  Lab reports will be submitted to via e-mail as well as a hard copy to me.  I would rather you fail with dignity than stoop to cheating.



A notebook is required with all your notes.  This notebook is crucial to your success in the final review project at the end of the year.  Notebook checks will be for points.  Detentions are given to those not taking notes.


Journals are required and will be kept this year and collected weekly (see journal page).


Calculators are required for this class.  If you don’t have one, buy a Casio fx-260 at WalMart for $10.  As long as it has a “log” button on it, it will do what we need it to do!


Tests and lab reports are weighted.  Homework is collected and reviewed.  Frequent quizzes and lab demos are given.  In addition, the semester final is 20% of your semester grade.

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