Introduction Letter to Parents

Dear parents and students,

Because I do not teach freshmen, we may not have had the opportunity to meet.  I have been teaching here at Paris High School for eleven years now and, before that, taught various Science classes such as Chemistry, Physics, and Biological Sciences at Casey-Westfield.  I live with my husband, Scott, and three kids: Kaitlin, Cooper, and Payton (named after the great Walter Payton, not after Peyton Manning) on a cattle farm outside of Paris.  I received my Bachelor's Degree at the University of Illinois in Biological Science, then went on to earn my Teaching Certificate at Eastern Illinois University.  I am involved in ICLCS, a University of Illinois Chemistry program funded by the National Science Foundation to incorporate computer visualization programs and tools into high school Chemistry classes and improve their Chemistry literacy.  I recently finished my Master's Degree in Natural Science at EIU and earned my National Board Certification in Chemistry.  I teach Chemistry, Advanced Chemistry, and AP Chemistry.

I hope that you will communicate with me via e-mail ( or phone (school: 466-1175 and cell: 264-0467) if you have questions or concerns.  I strongly believe in the importance of parent/teacher communication.  I also encourage you to visit your student's MMS grade account to view their classroom progress and my blog ( to view pictures of your student in lab. 

Your student has been asked to have a dedicated notebook, folder, and some sort of notebook to use as a journal book.  They also need a calculator (see Grading Policy). Please help them to acquire these items.  I hope that you will come and visit me during Parent/Teacher nights in October!

                                                                             Brett Block

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  1. Have a wonderful school year Mrs. Block!!

    Mark and Tina Cox