Lab Report Format


Must be in INK, typed, or computer-generated - no PENCIL except for data!!!!

CONTENTS of a typical 50 point lab report:
Title page                                 - 5 points
Purpose of Lab                         - 3 points
Materials Used                         - 6 points
Procedure                                 - 3 points
Data - see other pages              - 3 points
Conclusion                                - 20 points
Data pages at end of report     - 10 points

TITLE PAGE -               includes your name, title of lab, date, and class hour
                                    NO pencil
                                    bonus applied to witty or creative titles or covers
               blank paper, NOT lined

THE REST OF THE LAB REPORT’S ORDER:  (use Roman Numerals and headers)

I.   Purpose - the purpose of this lab is to …..
II. Materials used - list ALL materials you used, label with numbers
III. Procedure - a very BRIEF description of what you did in lab
IV.  Data - see other pages
V. Conclusion - the most IMPORTANT part of the report, answering the questions at the back of the lab packet in paragraph form with COMPLETE SENTENCES:

Always think about the following when writing your conclusion:

Does your conclusion show that the lab served its purpose?
Does your conclusion show the concepts being taught during this lab?
Did your data support your conclusion or was some of it unexpected?
Why might some of the results be incorrect?
Did you bring in examples from your data to support your conclusion?

What did you SPECIFICALLY learn about this lab?  If the lab is about the physical properties of solids, do not just say, “I learned about the physical properties of solids.”  Instead, tell exactly what a physical property is, giving specific examples from your lab. 

Answer any questions that may be asked at the end of the lab and list your results.

DATA attached to the end of the lab report - fill in ALL blanks, include drawings, tables, etc, and answer any questions at the back or even some in your book, if asked.