Saturday, November 28, 2015

Chemistry Lesson Plans November 30th-December 4th

Chemistry I Lesson Plans November 30th-December 4th
1.       Smart Guys due
2.       Quiz tomorrow over it
3.       Continue ch 3 notes over the mol
4.       Mol Lab overdue!
5.       Set  II due Weds
6.       Mol worksheet due Thursday
1.       Grade smart guys
2.       Smart guys quiz
3.       Continue ch 3 notes over relative atomic mass
4.       Mol worksheet due Friday
1.       Grade set II
2.       Nuclear notation quiz
3.       Continue notes to finish chapter 3
4.       relative atomic mass worksheet due Friday
5.       quiz over it on Friday

1.       Continue notes
2.       Mol worksheet due
3.       Relative atomic mass sheets due Friday
1.       Grade  relative atomic mass  worksheet
2.       Quiz over it
3.       Review for ch 3 due Tuesday

Adv. Chemistry Lesson Plans November 30th-December 4th

1.  decay quiz back
2.  grade carbon dating worksheet
3.  continue notes on half-lives
4.  Hazmat due tomorrow
5.  half-life problems due Thursday

1.  grade Hazmat
2.  continue notes on half-life and Fukishima

1.  Grade food irradiation worksheet
2.  Half-life worksheet due tomorrow
3.  Half-life quiz Friday
4.  notes on Fukishima

1.  grade half-life problems
2.  quiz tomorrow over it
3.  Skittles Lab – due Monday

1.  quiz on half-life
2.  fusion notes
3. Skittles labs due Monday

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans November 30th-December 4th
1.  go over ch 5 Cliff’s quiz
2.  stoichiometry homework due
3.  notes on solubility constant
4.  equilibrium quiz Weds

Tuesday:  solubility lab

1.  equilibrium quiz
2.  continue lab

1.  notes on precipitation reactions
2.  finish lab – due Friday
1.  ion quiz
2. labs due
3.  homework back

4.  start review for test

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Lesson Plans for November 16th - 24th

Lesson Plans for Chemistry I for November 16th - 24th
1.       finish Measurement Test
2.       GTK ch 3 worksheet due Thursday
3.       proton electron neutron worksheet due Friday

1.  continue notes on the atom
2.  set I checked then set II
3.  create data table and rotate thru mol lab

1.   Continue notes on smart guys
2.   finish set I and then set II
3.  continue rotation through mol lab

1.  Getting to know Ch 3 due
2.  Chapter 3 notes continued
3.  smart guys notes -finish
4.  Mol lab
5.  smart guys worksheet due Tuesday

1.       electron, proton, neutron worksheet  due
2.       grade GTK ch 3 worksheet
3.       Continue notes thru relative atomic mass
4.    relative atomic mass worksheet
5.   finish mol lab - due Tuesday
6.  set I side checked
7.  set II side

1.  grade proton electron neutron worksheet
2.  continue lecture thru relative mass
3.  relative mass worksheet
4.  mol labs due tomorrow

1.  grade proton electron neutron worksheet
2.  notes thru the mol
3.  mol labs due

Lesson Plans for Adv. Chemistry  for November 16th - 24th
1.       stability quiz back
2.       nuclear simulation

Tuesday: nuclear simulation
Weds: nuclear simulation

1.   Chernobyl discussion and videos, notes over hazards and safety
2.   HAZMAT article and worksheet – due Friday
3.       Decay 1 worksheet – due Weds
4.  Notes over half-life
5.  Decay 1 due tomorrow
6.  Decay 2 due Thursday with quiz over nuclear decay
7.  HAZMAT article due Friday

1.       Grade decay 1
2.       Decay 2 due tomorrow
3.       Quiz over decay tomorrow

1.       Grade decay 2
2.       Quiz over decay
3.       Continue half-life notes
4.       HAZMAT due tomorrow
5.       Decay 3 due Monday

1.       Quiz back
2.       Decay 3 due Monday.
3.       Finish notes on half-life
4.       Another decay quiz tomorrow
5.       HAZMAT due - grade
6.       Half-life problem set due Tuesday

Lesson Plans for AP Chemistry  for November 16th - 24th
1.  ion quiz back
2.  Nuclear homework due November 30th
3.  start homework set for equilibrium from college set

1.  grade equilibrium review
2.  continue with homework in class

Weds:   homework work day

1.  homework work day 
2.  continue notes on ICE tables

1.  ion quiz
2.  continue notes to solubility
3.  continue on homework set
4.  equilibrium quiz Monday

1.  ion quiz back
2.  Nuclear homework due November 30th
3.  homework set for equilibrium from college set due
4.  continue notes thru solubility

1.  continue notes to precipitation

2.  equilibrium quiz back

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lesson Plans Nov 9th – Nov 13th

Chemistry I Lesson Plans Nov 9th – Nov 13th

1.  grade worksheet 11
2.  turn in specific heat labs
3.  atom drawing
4.  review due tomorrow (pages 1 and 2)

1.  grade review pages 1 and 2
2.  finish pages 3 and 4 to be graded tomorrow


1.  grade 3 and 4 of review
2.  notes on "the atom"

1.  measurement test
2.  turn in review
3.  pick up GTK ch 3 due Wednesday

Adv Chemistry Lesson Plans Nov 9th – Nov 13th

1.  notes on nuclear stability thru 3 Mile Island
2.  nuclear stability worksheet due tomorrow
3.  quiz over it Thursday

1.      grade nuclear stability worksheet
2.      quiz tomorrow
3.      video over 3 Mile Island


1.      quiz over nuclear stability
2.      read over nuclear simulator handout and directions for Monday
3.      Chernobyl notes

1.      quiz back
2.      grade radioactivity article worksheet
3.      Video and discussion over Chernobyl if time
4.      Nuclear decay worksheet 1 due tomorrow

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans Nov 9th – Nov 13th

1.  finish AP lab over equilibrium
2.  equilibrium review due Thursday

Tuesday:  Veteran's Day Program


1.  grade LeChateliers
2.  grade equilibrium review
2.  continue notes on ICE tables

1.  LeChatelier's quiz
2.  reminder that stoich set is due 11/30

3.  continue notes

Friday, November 6, 2015

SVE visits Chemistry!

This week students at PHS came together to better educate each other about the dangers of mixing household chemicals.  AP Chemistry and Chem Club members led a discussion and several lab experiments, showing Mrs. Brown's SVE classes various reactions between acids, bases, and metals.   SVE stands for Specialized Vocational Education.  Students in this program learn about various jobs as well as skills they will need to live independently  Students learn job seeking skills such as filling out an application, taking pre-employment tests, interviewing, completing forms for employment, writing a resume, employer expectations, taxes, banking, budgeting, credit, how to find a home and the costs associated with living independently.   They are also learning those important soft skills needed to be successful in future employment. The SVE program helps students figure out jobs they may not want to do as well through practical experience.  Mrs. Brown thought it would be helpful for the SVE students to learn about some of the dangerous chemicals they might run into at both home and in the work-place.

In the cooperative lab experience with Mrs. Block's Chemistry class, the SVE students learned the following:

1.  Bleach and ammonia make chloroamines which are gases that are deadly and can harm breathing. 
2.  Since ammonia is found in urine, always flush toilets after cleaning them with bleach or it will react with the bleach and form a poisonous gas.
3.  Bleach and acids can cause a release of chlorine gas which was once used as a weapon in WWI.
4.  Always flush before and after using bleach to avoid these interactions.

The SVE students worked in partnership with the Chemistry Club observing reactions between acids and metals as well as bases and metals to show how these mixtures can create a flammable hydrogen gas.  Students trapped and combusted the gas which was very exciting!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Chemistry I Class makes 3 Layer Density Columns

Students made a 3 or more layered density column out of sugar, food coloring, and water in lab.  They experimented with the best way to make a dense layer on the bottom and the lightest layer on the top.  Students discovered that cold water is more dense than hot and used this information to aid in their columns.  The overall winner was Courtney, representing 8th hour.

Garrett and Emma represented 2nd hour!

Mackenzie represented 3rd hour!

Maxwell represented 7th hour!

Not advised!

Tastes Sweet!

Courtney the Winner with her 5 layer rainbow column!

Chemistry Club visit from Crestwood 5th graders

Mrs. Block's 5th hour Advanced Chemistry students had a visit from two Crestwood 5th grade classes to learn about physical and chemical properties and changes, something that is stressed on the new science standards of learning.  Students became the teachers and we had a blast spending time with these great future chemistry students!

Lesson Plans November 2nd – 6th


1.  Finish notes on specific heat
2.  pre-lab
3.  worksheet 1 and 2 due tomorrow

1.  start Specific Heat Lab
2.  worksheet 1 and 2 on due Weds

1.  Specific Heat labs due Monday
2.  Work on 2 trials
3.  metric quiz
4.  worksheet 1 and 2 due

1.  metric quiz back
2.  finish specific heat lab
3.  percent error worksheet due
4.  specific heat worksheet due Monday
5.  Specific Heat Lab due Monday

1.  Specific Heat Lab due Monday
2.  Specific Heat worksheet due Monday
3.  measurement review page 1 and 2 due Tuesday
4.  review pages 3 and 4 due Wednesday
5.  Measurement Test on Thursday

Adv Chemistry Lesson Plans November 2nd – 6th

1.  finish molar mass of air lab and data
2.  review due tomorrow
3.  test on Weds.

1.  grade gas law review
2.  test tomorrow over gas laws
3.  labs due!!
4.  notes on Nuclear Chemistry

2.  pick up radioactivity history article
3.  worksheet over it due Monday

1.  notes on nuclear stability
2.  nuclear stability worksheet due Tuesday
3.  quiz over it Tuesday

1.      Notes over radioactivity history
2.      Effects of radiation article and worksheet due Wednesday

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans November 2nd – 6th

1.  start Equilibrium Inquiry Lab
2.  equilibrium quiz 1 - go over

Tuesday:  Equilibrium Inquiry Lab

Wednesday:  Chem Club visit with the SVE program

Thursday:  Equilibrium Inquiry Lab - finish

1.  ion quiz
2.  go over covalent test

3.  continue notes