Lab Safety Contract

LAB SAFETY CONTRACT                                             Name: _____________________________

            The National Science Teachers Association urges that students be required to review and sign a “contract” that defines acceptable behavior in a school setting.  The following is a list of such rules.


1.  Perform lab work ONLY when a teacher is present in the room.

2.  Follow the directions on the lab handouts step by step to minimize error or accident.

3.  Know the location of all safety equipment in the lab, including the eye-wash station, first-aid kit, fire extinguisher, safety shower, and blanket

4.  Wear goggles at ALL times and tie back hair when using flame - TAKE OUT CONTACTS BEFORE LAB BEGINS during specific labs as designated by teacher (ex.  acid lab).

5.  Act responsibly (deemed by teacher) at all times.

6.  Never chew, eat, or drink anything in the lab, including gum.

7.  Keep work area clear of any unnecessary items.

8.  Ask the teacher or follow instructions before disposing of lab materials.

9.  Clean up all materials in lab area at the end of the period.

10. Report ANY lab accident or breakage to the teacher immediately.

11.  Cheating on lab reports will result in a zero for any student involved.

            Students should also realize the implications of improper behavior.  For example, courts have ruled that students can be just as guilty of negligence as teachers in laboratory accidents.  Rule violations will result in one or more of the following consequences:

1.  A MINIMUM of 10 points for any infractions of the above rules.

2.  Removal of that lab.

3.  Removal of all future labs with an alternative assignment given.

4.  Removal of class, resulting in a failing grade for that semester.

5.  Detention to be served with teacher at a determined time.

I, ___________________________________, have read and understood the above rules and

agree to follow them.  


I, ___________________________________, have also read and understood the rules.                  guardian’s signature

Guardian - Please list a number you can be reached in case of emergency: ___________________

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