Monday, May 4, 2015

Lesson Plans for 5/4

Chemistry Lesson Plans  May 4th-8th
1.  finish notes on ch 8 if needed
2.  whoosh bottle demo
1.  grade balancing review
2.  balancing quiz III
3.  identifying reactions worksheet - due Thursday
1.  go over quiz
2.  decomposition lab
3.  8.3 worksheet due Friday
1.  quiz tomorrow over types of reactions
2.  finish decomposition lab
1.  grade identifying reactions
2.  quiz over identifying reactions
3.  turn in 8.3
4.  finish going over front side of worksheet I
5.  complete worksheet I

Adv. Chemistry Lesson Plans  May 4th-8th
1.  finish precipitation lab
2.  quiz II over solubility rules
1.  grade ionic II worksheet
2.  quiz over it tomorrow
3.  solubility review due Thursday
4.  solubility test on Friday
1.  net ionic equations quiz
2.  work on solubility review
3.  work on final review - pages 1 and 2 due Monday
1.  grade solubility review
2.  test tomorrow
1.  solubility test
2.  pages 1 and 2 of review due Monday

AP  Chemistry Lesson Plans  May 4th-8th
Monday:  net boat diagrams
Tuesday:  manila folder boats
Wednesday:  scale up to real boats

Thursday:  work on cardboard boats

Friday:  work on cardboard boats - sail them on TUESDAY!!!!