Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Lesson Plans 10/26-10/30

            Chemistry I Lesson Plans 10/26-10/30
1.      measurement quiz - go over
2.      worksheet side 4 grade
3.      density column lab paper due Friday

1.      grade worksheet side 6
2.      notes on rounding scientific notation, use of calculator
3.      worksheets 9 and 10 due
4.      side #2 due Friday
5.      lab drawers checked

1.      grade worksheet 9
2.      rounding worksheet #1 together
3.      continue notes on rounding, specific gravity, and percent error
4.      worksheet 11 due Tuesday

      1.  quiz over sig figs
      2.  worksheets 10 due
      3.  density column journal entry due tomorrow
      4.  continue notes on percent error
      5.  percent error worksheet - start in class, due Weds

             1.  quiz back
             2.  density column paper due
             3.  grade worksheet 10 side
             3.  worksheet 11 due Tuesday
             4.  percent error worksheet due Weds

            Adv. Chemistry Lesson Plans 10/26-10/30
1.      4th - grade Combined Gas Laws homework and quiz
2.      5th - Notes on Ideal Gas Laws
            1.  4th - answer Ideal questions, quiz tomorrow
              2.  5th - grade Combined Gas Laws homework and quiz
            3.  start mini labs and molar mass lab

1.      Combined Quiz back
2.      grade Ideal and turn in 50 point packet
3.      Ideal Gas Law quiz
4.      hand boiler lab
5.      drinking bird lab
6.      syringe boiling water lab
7.      43 pointer due tomorrow
8.      Gas Law Review due Monday
1.  Ideal Gas Law quiz back
2.  hand boiler lab
3.  drinking bird lab
4.  syringe boiling water lab
5.  43 pointer due tomorrow
6.  Gas Law Review due Monday
            1.  Molar Mass of Air Lab
            2.  43 pointer due
            3.  Gas Law Review due Monday

            AP Chemistry Lesson Plans 10/26-10/30

            1.  equilibrium worksheets
            2.  finish up ch 5 discussion and note S = 2.5 electronegativity
            3.  Le Chatelier's notes

            1.  Finish notes
            2.  Begin LeChatelier'sLab

            1.  Equilibrium Quiz
            2.  LeChatelier's homework due tomorrow
            3.  covalent review due Friday
            3.  Continue Labs

            1.  LeChatelier's homework due and grade
            2.  Finish Lab

            1.  covalent homework due
            2.  ion quiz

            3.  continue notes or finish lab

Sunday, October 25, 2015

October Smarty Pants Challenges

We had several challenges going on this month for a Smarty Pants.

Katie and her OREO ball -artistic with 4 boxes of double stuffed.

Erin and Kelsey made a 67 oreo single stack tower to represent 7th hour.

This is Angus and Raven's fabulous density column they made to represent 7th hour on a Saturday night instead of beheading cats like some of the kids these days.....

This is 8th hour's artwork OREO winner made by Mariah and Erica

This oreo column is a little disturbing, but I also find it fascinating.  It was made by 3rd hour's Nicole and Zoie and has several different artistic interpretations....

This video shows Adrian and Shyanne's 50 stack OREO column.

Brody represents 7th hour with his 50 double stuffed stack.

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Week 11 Lesson Plans 10/19-10/22

Chemistry I Lesson Plans 10/19-10/22
1.      Grade density worksheet
2.      worksheet side 4 due
3.      start density column lab

1.      grade worksheet side 4
2.      continue lab
3.      metric side 6 due

1.      quiz over sig figs, metric, and temperature
2.      worksheet side 9 due
3.      worksheet side 10 due tomorrow
4.      finish lab if needed

1.  grade metric side 6
2.  worksheets 9 and 10 due
3.  density column journal entry
4.  notes on exponential calculations
5.  take quiz if absent

Friday:  no school

Adv. Chemistry Lesson Plans 10/19-10/22
  1. 5th - Notes on Combined Gas Laws
  2. 5th - Prepare for Chem Club visit tomorrow
  3. Cartesian Diver Labs due
  4. turn in Boyles and Charles Law problem sets
  5. Finish lab write-ups
  6. 4th - Notes on Combined Gas Laws
Tuesday:  Chem Club Visit 5th Graders during 5th hour for Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes Lab
1.  Charles' Law and quiz tomorrow
2.  Gay-Lussac's Law homework and quiz Thursday
3.  4th hour - Finish notes on Combined and Ideal Gas Law
  1. grade Charles' Law homework
  2. Charles' Law quiz
  3. hand boiler lab
  4. drinking bird lab
  5. syringe boiling water lab
  6. 50 pointer packet due thru Combined Gas Law due Monday
  7. pick up 43 pointer due next week thru Combined Gas Law
  1. grade G/L homework
  2. Gay/Lussac's quiz
  3. Finish Notes and problems on Combined and Ideal Gas Laws
  4. work on the 50 point and 43 point worksheets thru Combined
Friday:  No School

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans 10/19-10/22

1.  equilibrium worksheets
2.  finish up ch 5 discussion and note S = 2.5 electronegativity
3.  Le Chatelier's notes

1.  Finish notes
2.  Begin LeChatelier'sLab

1.  LeChatelier's homework due Monday
2.  Continue Lab

1.  LeChatelier's homework due Monday
2.  Finish Lab

Friday:  no school

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 10 - Lesson Plans: October 13-16

Chemistry I Lesson Plans October 13-16
This week we will finish and compile our data from the Energy of Foods Lab to see which type of food gives us more energy – a sugar or a fat.  We will focus on converting to metric units, using scientific notation, calculating with exponents, and using significant digits in our measurements.
1.  Finish energy of Foods Lab and class data
2.  qualitative analysis lab reports are overdue!
3.  temperature worksheet due
4.  lab data crunching party Thursday
1.      Grade temperature worksheet
2.      Lab data and excel graph – discuss
3.      Labs due Friday
4.      Notes on rounding sig figs
5.      Density worksheet due Friday
1.  lab data crunching party
2.  worksheets, lab reports, and journals back
3.  Grade side 3 of metric worksheet
4.  Side 4 due Tuesday


1.      Finish density worksheet
2.      Energy of foods lab due
3.      Continue notes
Adv. Chemistry II Lesson Plans: October 13-16

1. grade Boyle’s Law packet homework
2.  Boyle’s Law quiz
3.  Notes Charles’ Gas Law, packet and finish worksheet due Thursday
4.  Boyles and Charles problems worksheet due Friday
4.  Cartesian Diver paragraph due Friday – race tomorrow during homeroom!!!
5.  Marshmallow Man challenge by Friday
1.  Cartesian Diver race during homeroom
2.  notes on Gay-Lussac’s Law
3.  homework and 50 pt homework for Charles’ Law due Thursday
4.  quiz over it on Thursday
5.  Charles’ Law homework and quiz Friday
Thursday:  Crush the Can Lab
1.  grade Charles’ Law hmwk
2.  quiz over Charles’ Law
3.  continue notes on Gay-Lussac’s Law
4.  Gay-Lussac’s homework due Tuesday with quiz

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans: October 13-16
This week continues our study of equilibrium as well as our review of chapter 5 – covalent bonding and molecular orbitals.
1.  continue notes on equilibrium
2.  start homework set from old book

1.  grade equilibrium worksheet side 1
2.  side 2 due Friday

1.  LeChateliers notes
2.  LeChateliers lab

1.  ion quiz
2.  grade equilibrium side 2
3.  finish lab

4.  work on homework set for Monday