Friday, February 10, 2012


Chemistry I classes created Cartesian Divers that would sink and float to the top of a water-filled pop bottle when you squeeze the bottle.  The concept demonstrate Boyles Gas Law where increasing the pressure on a gas lowers its volume.  It also shows how bouyancy and density can affect the diver.  Amazingly, you can use a Heinz ketchup packet as a diver as well!  Here are the winners of the diver races and some pics of students making them in lab.
megan raced for 1st hour!
hunter, christine, and chloe represented 2nd - chloe's won!

elliott did not win - mickaela did for 5th hour!
garrett wins with the fastest diver - 6th hour earns a smarty pants!!!  ty ty tests his diver........

bryce and x race!!!

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