Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mrs. Lau's 7th Graders visit PCHS Lab!!!


Winning CARTESIAN DIVERS:  Karson (overall winner), Devyn, and Caitlyn
Chemistry Club students recently helped Mrs. Lau's 7th graders create Cartesian Divers that would sink and float to the top of a water-filled pop bottle when you squeeze the bottle. The concept demonstrate Boyle's Gas Law where increasing the pressure on a gas lowers its volume. It also shows how density affects the diver's bouyancy. Amazingly, you can use a Heinz ketchup packet as a diver as well! Here are the winners of the diver races and some pics of students making them in lab.
Jazzy Bennett and Chi Chi Whitacre help Brandon Shockley make a diver...

Mary-Hunter Smittkamp works with Zach and Dakota
 MorganWorrell and Kelsey Chambers perfect their divers....
Sarah Cochran works with Katie Smith before racing her diver!

Junior Logan McDaniel works with his diver team.

Tucker Marrs, Parker, and Garrett Clark team up with PCHS Chemistsry Club members Aleah Smith and Madeline Wilson.....



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