Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Density Column Winners!!

Chemistry I students made three layer density columns out of sugar, water, and food coloring to practice lab techniques and use their inquiry skills.  Here are the winners from each class:

top dogs

2nd hour represents:  Bandit, Tanner, and Anna (class winner)

4th hour winners Teri-Rae and Andi
Andi won the smarty pants for all the columns made!

5th hour superstars:  Sharkisha and Ariel

5th hour weiner Cam Daughtery with his patriotic test tube

7th hour represents:  Hans, Brenna, Lydia (I enjoyed her candy corn column), and Roberto

My 7th hour deviants worked very hard to clean their lab tables until they were spic and span!

so much so that we licked them.....

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