Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Week Four Lesson Plans August 31st - September 4th

Week Four:  Lesson Plans August 31st - September  4th

Chemistry I:  This week will focus on using lab to learn about physical and chemical properties.  Our first unit test on lab equipment, types of chemistry, and the scientific method will assess our chapter one knowledge and we will begin chapter two by learning the elements.


1.  Unit I test back
2.  Journals back
3.  Notes on Unit II - thermite ball demo and hot pack demo


1.  Notes on Unit II
2.  Discussion on lab reports
3.  Physical and Chemical Properties Pre-Lab

Weds:  Day One of Physical and Chemical Properties Lab - properties

Thursday:  Day Two of Physical and Chemical Properties Lab -changes

Friday:  half-day
1.  Finish Lab – reactions
2.  Lab reports due next Friday 9/11
3.  Set up turnitin.com account

Advanced Chemistry:  This week we will use the Potassium Chlorate Lab to apply our knowledge of percent composition, formulae, and stroichiometry.


1.  Quizzes back
2.  Finish Potassium Chlorate Lab

1.  Go over lab data
2.  Finish Potassium Chlorate Lab – due Friday 9/4
3.  Turnitin.com information
4.  Smores Lab
1.  Stoichiometry notes
2.  Stoichiometry Problems I worksheet due Tuesday

1. Finish Stoichiometry Notes on percent yield
2.  Labs due tomorrow

1.  Stoichiometry Problems I due Tuesday
2.  Continue notes

AP Chemistry:  We will continue our study of inter and intra molecular forces.    The first half of ch 4 ionic bonding review of ch 4 is due Sept 14th.  Chemistry Club t-shirts using ultraviolet developing will be made so we have something to wear on our visits to the elementary and junior high schools. 

1.  ion pre-quiz sets 3A and 4A for Friday
2  Begin notes on liquids and solids

1.  Notes through dipole dipole and H-bonding
2.  T-Shirt designs are due Friday.
3.  Intermolecular Forces lab discussion – labs due.
4.  FR ch 2 due tomorrow

1.  FR ch 2 due
2.  Finish notes through LDF and bozeman videos
3.  Finish alcohol mini-lab
4.  Start pie pan lab

1. T-shirt ideas
2.  Finish up labs - due Monday
3.  Work on Ionic ch 4 review work part I and II
1.  Finish t-shirts designs and soak them if time.

2.  Finish up labs - due Monday

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