Monday, January 11, 2016

Jan 11th - 15th

Chemistry I Lesson Plans for Jan 11th- 15th

Monday:  flame test lab due Weds 1/20

1.       Grade 4.1 worksheet
2.       Finish spectroscopes
3.       Show video on Higgs field and Higgs boson

1.       Electromagnetic radiation quiz
2.       Continue notes on the atom
3.       4.1 worksheet due Tuesday

1.       quiz back
2.       grade Planck’s problems
3.   Planck’s quiz
4.   continue notes

Friday:  half-day dismissal/mentoring/club picture day

Adv. Chemistry Lesson Plans for Jan 11th-15th

1.  Acid/Base Lab – due next Thursday
2.  pH paper due Tuesday
3.  pH quiz Wednesday
4.  H+/OH- worksheet due Friday

Tuesday:  Chem Club visit
1.  pH paper due tomorrow
2.  notes over Lewis acids and bases
3.  quiz tomorrow over pH and calculations

1.  grade pH paper
2.  pH quiz
3.  H+/OH- worksheet due Friday
4.  continue notes

1.       ion quiz
2.        H+/OH- worksheet due tomorrow
3.       Continue notes

1.       H+/OH- due
2.       Acid/base lab – Lab report due Thursday with due Friday midnight

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans for Jan 11th - 15th

1.       Ksp quiz back
2.       Ksp worksheet I is overdue due
3.       Ksp worksheet II due at end of hour
4.       Equilibrium review due tomorrow

1.       Finish equilibrium review
2.       Test tomorrow

Weds:  Equilibrium Test

1.        Finish test if needed
2.       Work on ch 9 homework

Friday:  prepare for underwater fireworks lab

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