Saturday, September 24, 2016

Week 7: Lesson Plans September 26th - 30th

Chemistry Lesson Plans September 26th - 30th
We are starting our measurement unit and focusing on good lab skills to show accuracy and precision and making good measuring decisions.  We will begin The Energy of Foods Lab – by using the computational chemistry program WebMO to design and analyze a carbohydrate and a fat.
1.  Tests back
2.  Start the notes on Measurement Unit thru temp and heat energy
3.  Qualitative Analysis - due Friday 9/30 with by midnight Sun.
4.  Getting to Know ch 2 worksheet due Tuesday
5.  worksheets #1 and #2 on scientific measurement - due Thursday

1.  GTK ch 2 due
2.  Continue Measurement notes
3.  worksheets #1 and #2 on scientific notation - due Thursday
4.  temperature worksheet due Friday

1.  grade GTK ch 2
2.  Continue Measurement notes
3.  Start Measurement Lab

1.  scientific notation worksheet #1 and 2 due
2.  finish Measurement Lab - no lab report
3.  Notes if time

1.  grade scientific notation worksheets #3 and #4
2.  Qualitative Analysis Lab due with by midnight Sun.
3.  Continue notes
4.  Measurement Lab due. 

Adv. Chemistry Lesson Plans September 26th - 30th
This week we will finish our discussion about limiting reactants and molarity and start reviewing for the Stoichiometry Test. 

1.  Molarity lab overdue
2.  limiting quiz back
3.  Molarity practice quiz
4.  pre-lab for the reaction lab

1.  grade Molarity review
2.  Molarity quiz
3.  Stoichiometry Review due Friday
4.  reaction pre-lab

Weds:  reaction lab
Thursday: reaction lab

1.  grade review 
2.  Test Tuesday over Stoichiometry

AP Chemistry September 26th - 30th
We will finish our discussion on hydrocarbons.  Chapter 4 homework needs to be completed by the end of the month.  Summer review ch 2 on the Periodic Table will also be discussed.

1.  ion quiz
2.  finish pie tin lab and model kit lab
3.  more alkanes, alkenes/alkynes, and again worksheets due
4.  ch 4 due Friday
5.  rings and things/PPIII  worksheet due Wednesday

1.  labs due
2.  worksheets due
3.  finish up notes
4.  hydrocarbon worksheet I with models due Monday
5.  Quiz tomorrow over alkenes and alkynes
6.  ion quiz back

1.  alkene/alkyne quiz
2.  organic notes part I - finish
3.  Review 1,2 worksheet due Tuesday

1.  Chapter 2 Periodic Table review and go over summer work
2.  Test on Weds over the material
3.  Additional Review 3 due Weds

1.  ch 4 homework due

2.  slime lab

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