Friday, December 30, 2016

Week One Lesson Plans 2017

Chemistry I Lesson Plans for Jan 7th- 9th

1.  new seating tomorrow
2.  flame test lab due Friday 1/9 with turn it in
3.  hotel analogy notes and notations
4.  electromagnetic radiation homework together
5.  quiz over it on Friday

1.       Electromagnetic radiation quiz tomorrow
2.       Continue notes on notations
3.       Plank's worksheet together
4.       quiz over it on Monday
5.       new seating chart

Friday:  sub
1.    electromagnetic radiation quiz
2.    flame test labs due
3.   Planck’s quiz Monday
4.   4.1 electron arrangement review sheet - due Monday
5.  4.2 practice problems I side

Adv. Chemistry I Lesson Plans for Jan 7th- 9th

Wednesday:   What It Is lab - report due Monday with midnight

Thursday:  finish lab

Friday: sub
1.   Finish lab
2.   Work on lab questions, data, and lab report

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans for Jan 7th- 9th

1.  organic test back
2.  ch 9 back - grade test in it
3.  ch 8 crib notes - continue discussing phase diagrams
4.  staple melting point lab and do pre-lab

1.  continue lab
2.  reports due Monday
3.  ch 8 homework due Friday

1.  finish lab if needed
2.  labs due Monday

3.  ch 8 due by end of school day

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