Sunday, November 4, 2012

Energy Of Foods Lab

Kaitlin Block and Brianna Blair burn a cheeto.
Kaleb Smith and John Vice team up in lab.
Chemistry I students looked at how much energy a glucose molecule (represented by a marshmallow) and a linoleic acid molecule (represented by a fatty chip and cheeto) take to both form and burn.  Students used WebMO, a virtual molecular chemistry program phs_block_3 password:students, to draw both molecules and discover that it takes glucose more energy to form than the fat linoleic acid due to the more complex carbon-oxygen bonds that it possesses.  In the wet lab, students then burned these foods to discover that more energy is released by fats than sugars.  Below are some pictures of the calorimeter devices the students used to measure the heat released.

collecting data in a calorimeter can.....

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