Friday, December 14, 2012

3rd Hour Chemistry I Smarty Pants Class

During the semester, Chemistry I classes compete with one another for smarty pants points.  If they score the highest average on a quiz or test, or perform well in lab, or complete a challenge that I give them, they earn a smarty pants.  The class with the most smarty pants by the end of the semester wins a party and a perfect score on their semester review packet even if they don't do any of it!  This year's winner was third hour.

3rd hour - 9 smarty pants
6th hour - 2 smarty pants
7th hour - 2 smarty pants
8th hour - 3 smarty pants

3rd hour students Lea DeBoer and Kaitlin Block made an oreo cookie tower and snowman sculpture for a smarty pants challenge while 8th hour student Collin Sherer also made an oreo tower sculpture.

7th hour won a smarty pants for the best density column (Christen Swan).

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