Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Three-Layer Density Column Lab

CONGRATULATIONS to:Christen Swan of 7th hour had the winning column!
Chemistry I class created a three-layer density column in a test tube past week using water, food coloring, and/or sugar and salt.  They learned how to manipulate the density of each layer by changing the mass, volume, or temperature of each solution.  Of the 80 columns created, winners were picked to represent each hour and an overall winner was crowned!  Here are some of the runners-up:
3rd hour:  winner Brianna Blair with Kaitlin Neibarger and Samantha Abshier
6th hour:  winner Jake Meister with Janessa Watson and Lauren Swinford
7th hour:  OVERALLWINNER Christen Swan with Payton Stewart
8th hour:  winner Josy Sudduth with Alejandro Torres and Libby Lawson

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