Monday, April 7, 2014

Lesson Plans April 7th - 11th

Chemistry I Lesson Plans April 7-11th

This week we are continuing our study of molecular geometry and using student created Lewis structures and those created in the computational chemistry program WebMO to analyze properties of these molecules.  Students will be able to predict geometry types based on both the VSEPR and Hybridization Theories as well as visualize the electron pair domains, geometries, and hybridizations of many different molecules.  Students will be preparing for their ch 6 test which will be sometime after Spring Break.

1.  Lewis III worksheet due
2.  finish WebMO – due Thursday
3.  pick up naming review for test – due Wednesday
4.  Lewis II quiz on Wednesday

Tuesday:  sophomores gone
1.  finish WebMO I if needed
2.  start WebMO II
3.  finish naming review for test due tomorrow
4.  Lewis II quiz tomorrow

1.  Lewis II quiz
2.  finish notes on unit
3.  naming review due tomorrow for test
4.  test Friday after break

1.  grade naming review
2.  finish WebMO activities

1.  grade Lewis III worksheet
2.  Juniors - work on unit review – due Thursday after break
3.  Test Friday after break

Adv Chemistry  Lesson Plans April 7-11th

Students will understand how to calculate pH of a weak acid with the help of an ICE table.  We will be taking the chapter test after break so the acid/base review needs to be completed.

1.  ICE table notes
2.  titration review due
3.  Acid/base review due Thursday

1.  grade titration review
2.  ICE Table notes
3.   Ka problems due Friday

1.  finish ICE notes
2.  work on Ka problems
3.  quiz I Friday over Ka

1.  grade review sheet
2.  Ka worksheet and quiz due tomorrow

1.  grade Ka worksheet
2.  Ka quiz 1
3.  Ka quiz 2 Tuesday after break
4.  Test on Friday after break

AP Chemistry  Lesson Plans April 7-11th

Students will understand how to find the rate law expression given the rate constant in both an elementary and multiple step reaction. 

1.  finish notes on elementary rate law problems
2.  begin working on ch 11 outline homework – due Friday

1.  discuss the rate determining step in kinetics
2.  begin homework Kinetics worksheet I – due Thursday
3.  ch 11 outline homework due Friday
4.  rates of reaction lab due Friday

1.  finish rates of reaction lab – due Friday
2.  continue working on chapter homework

1.  grade kinetics worksheet I
2.  finish ch homework for tomorrow

Friday:  AP practice test

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