Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lesson Plans April 28- May 2nd

Chemistry I Lesson Plans April 28th – May 2nd

1.  Notes over balancing equations
2.  Finish ch 6 test
3.  Balancing I and II due Weds

1.      Continue notes over balancing and types of  reactions
2.      Balancing I and II due tomorrow
3.      Balancing III and IV due Friday

1.  Notes through single replacement reactions
2.  Balancing I and II due
3.  Balancing III and IV due Friday

1.  Thermite Demo
2.  Continue notes over types of reactions

1.  Works Bomb Demo
2.  Worksheets III and IV due
3.  Quiz Tuesday over balancing equations
4.  Single Replacement Pre-Lab for Monday’s Lab

Lesson Plans Adv Chemistry April 28th - May 9th
Students will be able to recognize, name, and draw alkanes, alkenes, and alkynes and understand how the structure affects the molecular properties of the molecules and their uses.

Monday:   Acid/Base Test

1.      Notes on organic chemistry and hydrocarbon alkanes
2.      Practice Probs I and WI on alkanes due Thursday

1.      Continue notes on alkanes – naming them
2.      PPI and WI due tomorrow
3.      Quiz on 10 alkanes Friday

1.  Grade PPI and WI
2.  Notes on naming and reconstructing alkanes
3.  Additional Probs II #2 only for Monday

1.  Quiz on 10 alkanes
2.  Continue notes on naming and drawing hydrobarbons
3.  Additional Probs II finish for Tuesday

Lesson Plans AP Chemistry April 28th - May 9th
Students will prepare for the AP Test which is Monday.

Monday:   finish acid/base review

Tuesday:  experimental chemistry review

Weds:  Practice Diagnostic test I and grade in class

Thurs:  Practice Diagnostic test II and grade in class

Friday:  Review crib notes for test on Monday

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