Sunday, May 4, 2014

Lesson Plans May 5th - May 9th

Lesson Plans Adv Chemistry May 5th - 9th

1.  Continue notes on naming organic compounds thru isomers
2.  Finish Additional Probs II for tomorrow
3.  Worksheet II for Weds

1.       Practice Quiz
2.       Quizzes over alkanes on Weds and Thurs
3.       Grade Additional Problems II
4.       Worksheet II due tomorrow
5.       Notes on alkenes and alkynes
6.       Alkenes and alkynes, alkenes and alkynes again due Thursday

1.       Quiz I – alkanes
2.       Intermolecular Forces Lab
3.       Model Kit Lab I

1.       Quiz II – alkanes
2.       Grade Worksheet II
3.       Alkene/Alkynes due
4.       Quiz tomorrow over alkenes and alkynes
5.       Continue Labs

1.       Grade alkenes/alkynes
2.       Quiz over them
3.       Complete Labs

Lesson Plans Chemistry May 5th - 9th

1.  Single Replacement Lab
2.  Balancing III and IV due

1.  works bomb demo 8th hour
2.  grade balancing II
3.  quiz I over balancing

1.  go over quiz I
2.  continue notes over identifying reactions
3.  balancing III graded tomorrow
4.  id worksheet #1due Friday

1.  grade balancing III
2.  continue notes over identifying reactions
3.  id worksheet #2due Monday

1.  grade balancing IV
2.  continue notes over identifying reactions

Lesson Plans AP Chemistry May 5th - 9th

Monday:  AP Test

Tuesday:  t-shirt design

Weds:  chemical preparation day

Thursday:  start organic notes over ethers and alcohols

Friday:  organic notes over carboxylic acids and esters

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