Sunday, October 19, 2014

Lesson Plans for October 20-23 PARENT TEACHER CONFERENCES Wednesday night (I have an away vball game Thursday night) NO SCHOOL FRIDAY!!!

Chemistry I Lesson Plans October 20-23
This week we will focus on calculating the specific heat of several metals in lab and begin using significant figures and rounding exponent laws in our data collection and measurement work.
1.      Continue notes on specific heat and specific gravity
2.      Specific heat worksheet due Thursday
3.      Labs due
4.      Specific Heat Pre-Lab due tomorrow
5.      2.3 worksheet due Thursday
6.      Review due Friday
7.      Test on Monday

1.  grade density worksheet
2.  worksheet 3 and 4 due tomorrow
3.  worksheet 1 and 2 due Monday

Weds:   Specific heat lab – reports due next Tuesday, turnitin by Weds midnight


1.      Finish lab
2.      specific heat worksheet due

Adv. Chemistry II October 20-23

This week we finish learning about the gas laws and applying them to situations in the lab. 

1. Boyle’s Law quiz back
2.  Charles’ Gas Law quiz
3.  Gay-Lussac’s quiz tomorrow
4.  finish problem set over Gay-Lussac’s
4.  Cartesian Diver paragraph overdue
5.  Marshmallow Man challenge by Friday
6.  notes over Combined Gas Laws and Ideal Gas Law
7.  Combined Gas Law probs due Thursday

1.  Gay-Lussac’s quiz
2.  notes on Ideal Gas Law finish
3.  Ideal homework due Monday
4.  labs write-ups due
5.  finish labs
6.  Mini-Labs on the Drinking Bird and Hand Boiler

1.  finish notes
2.  Ideal due Monday
3.  finish labs       
4.  Combined work due tomorrow
5.  Ideal homework due Monday with a quiz over it

1.  Grade Combined homework
2.  Measuring Air Lab

AP Chemistry October 20-23

This week finishes up our discussion of the 9 organic molecules.  We will apply this knowledge to the Feather Lab next week where we look at the problem of oil spill clean-up and its effects on wildlife.

1.  ch 5 review homework due
2.  Soap Lab - finish

1.  grade ester homework
2.  ester quiz
3.  amine lecture
4.  amine homework due Thursday

 Wednesday:  nylon lab

1.  ch 5 review quiz
2.  amine homework due

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