Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Oreo Cookie Tower for Chemistry I

A smarty pants challenge was presented to the Chemistry I classes when learning significant digit rules.  One of the rules is commonly referred to as the "sandwich" rule where zeros are counted as significant figures when placed between non-zero digits.  Even if there are more than one zero, the zeros count and it is much like a double-stuffed oreo, which led to the challenge of making artwork or a tower with oreos.  Here are some of the winners of the challenge:  Johnna Sanchez and Kylee Marietta made a video of there tower, but I do not have a picture...

Caroline Heath wins with the highest tower of 47 oreos!  The world record for single stack without a base for support is 48 oreos held by a Canadian guy.

Maddison Plummer and Christian Villefrance made a single stack oreo tower of 43 oreos!

Maddison Plummer is excited.  It is harder than it looks! 

Sam Groves had the artistry award this year.

Kaitlin Block and Lea deBoer won last year in that category.

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