Monday, January 19, 2015

Lesson Plans for January 20th through 24th

Chemistry I Lesson Plans for Jan 20th- 24th

1.  grade planck’s problems
2.  planck’s probs quiz
3.  pick up review for 4.1 due Friday
4.  finish lab if needed
5.  lab reports due Monday the 27th, with turnitin due Wedsthe 29th
6.  slide on plasma and grape in microwave clip to make plasma

1.  notes on Aufbau and the hotel analogy of the atom
2.  video clips on lasers

1.  Continue notes on electron configuration notation
2.  work problems together

1.  grade 4.1 review
2.  continue notes on short-hand and orbital notations

Adv. Chemistry Lesson Plans for Jan 20th- 24th

1.       Go over quizzes
2.       Naming ions worksheet due Weds
3.       Notes on oxyacids and titrations
4.       Naming Acids review due Thursday
5.       Acid/base lab – Lab report due Wednesday with due Friday midnight
6.       Quiz tomorrow over strong acid and strong bases

1.       Quiz  over strong acid and strong bases
2.       Grade naming ions worksheet
3.       Continue notes
4.       Virtual Titration Pre-Lab

1.        Grade naming acids review
2.       Naming bases due Monday
3.       Virtual Titration due Monday

1.        Finish virtual titration lab due Monday
2.       Acid/base titration probs due Tuesday

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans for Jan 20th- 24th

1.  go over WYSE problems
2.  WYSE tests due
3.  electrochemistry III due
4.  go over hydrogen peroxide labs

1.  notes on electrochemistry on cells
2.  WYSE probs 7-13

1.  notes on electrochemistry continued
2.  WYSE probs 7-13 finish for Friday

1.  go over WYSE problems
2.  notes on electrochemistry

3.  voltage half reaction homework due Tuesday

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