Monday, January 5, 2015

LESSON PLANS Jan 5th - 9th

Chemistry I Lesson Plans for Jan 5th- 9th

1.  finals back
2.  review of ch 5 notes
3.  look at new lab partners

1.  ch 4 notes
2.  Speed of light problems due Friday
3.  choose new lab partners

1.  continue ch 4 notes
2.  planck problems due Monday
3.  lab drawers restocked
4.  spectrum tube demo - start

1.  speed of light probs due Friday
2.  quiz over it Friday
3.  planck’s probs due Monday
4.  spectrum tube demo - continue

1.  grade speed of light problems
2.  speed of light problems quiz
3.  Flame Test pre-Lab
4.  finish spectrum tube demo if needed

Adv. Chemistry Lesson Plans for Jan 5th-9th

1.  go over final
2.  What it is Labs due
3.  turnitin due Weds
4.  Acid/Base Pre-Lab
5.  pH paper due Weds
6.  continue notes
7.  H+/OH- worksheet due Thursday

1.  pH paper due tomorrow
2.  notes over Lewis acids and bases
3.  quiz tomorrow over pH and calculations

1.  grade pH paper
2.  pH quiz
3.  H+/OH- worksheet due Friday
4.  MOM demo

1.       Continue notes on acids/bases
2.        H+/OH- worksheet due tomorrow
3.       Continue notes
4.       pH paper due Wednesday

1.       Grade H+/OH-
2.       Acid/base lab – Lab report due Wednesday with due Friday midnight

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans for Jan 5th - 9th

1.  finish redox notes
2.  examples for acidic and basic ion electron method
3.  electrochemistry I and II overdue!
4.  electrochemistry III due next Friday
5.  WYSE practice tests due Friday

1.  go over visit demos
2.  instant foam and magic genie labs
3.  redox lab
4.  visit on Thursday morning to 1st graders at Crestwood from 8 - 9 am

1.  go over demos for visit
2.  redox methylene blue lab -first

Thursday:  Chem Club visit from 8-9 with 1st graders at Crestwood

1.  oxidation-reduction lab - finish if needed

2.  WYSE due Monday!

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