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Lesson Plans for August 17th – 21st

Lesson Plans for August 17th – 21st

Chemistry I   This week will focus primarily on lab safety rules, demonstrations, and discussion as safety is our first priority in a lab course.  We will also begin lecture on “what is chemistry?” and discuss the units of study for the class.

1.    journals due Friday
2.    go over lab safety contract due Friday with parent signature
3.    bring books tomorrow!!
4.    finish lab tour and safety rules
5.    safety rules demos
6.    pre-test in class tomorrow
7.    post-test on Friday
8.    hand out periodic tables

Tuesday:  I will be gone.
1.    Lab Safety Pre-Test
2.    contracts due Friday
3.    Getting to Know Your Book worksheet due Thursday
4.    element review due Friday

     1.       Getting to Know Your Book worksheet due Thursday
     2.       Continue going over lab safety rules
     3.       Tour of lab and use of fire extinguisher
     4.       Set hands on fire!
     5.       go over lab safety rules pre-test
     6.       Lab safety rules post-test on Friday
     7.   Unit I notes - what is Chemistry?
8.   element review due Friday

     1.   Turn in class rules, journals, getting to know your book worksheet, info sheet
     2.   Finish safety rules and demos
     3.       Post-test tomorrow
     4.       Unit I notes - What is Chemistry? continued
     5.    Set hands on fire!
     6.    Lab safety contract due tomorrow

     1.       Lab Safety Post-test
2.       element review due Friday
     3.    Lab safety contract due
     4.       Journals due

Lesson Plans for August 17th – 21st

Advanced Chemistry – This week reviews important concepts from last year – balancing chemical equations and calculating formula weights.  A decomposition of potassium chlorate is used in lab to apply these concepts and re-familiarize the students with lab equipment and protocol.

    1.       Lab Safety Post-Test tomorrow over lab safety rules
    2.       Balancing review due Thursday
    3.       Quiz over it on Friday
    4.       Begin MASS and FORMULAE NOTES from ch 7
    5.       Formula Weights worksheet due Friday

    1.       Turn in rules, contracts, info sheet, etc
    2.       Lab Safety Post-Test over lab safety rules
    3.       Balancing review due Thursday, quiz Friday
    4.       Formula weights worksheet due Friday

    1.       Balancing review sheet due tomorrow
    2.       Quiz over balancing Friday
    3.       Continue notes on mass and formulae
    4.       Formula Masses worksheet due Monday

    1.       Balancing review sheet due
    2.    Balancing review quiz tomorrow
    3.       Formula weights worksheet due tomorrow 
    4.       Formula masses worksheet due Monday
    5.       Continue notes on empirical and molecular formulae

    1.       Balancing review quiz
    2.       Formula weights worksheet due
    3.       Formula Masses worksheet due Monday
    4.       Pre-lab for potassium chlorate lab  
    5.   Finish notes if time

Lesson Plans for August 18th – 22nd

AP Chemistry – This week students will design their chemistry club ultraviolet-developed t-shirts and review types of bonding and forces with a lab, observing food coloring drops in various solutions.  Organic chemistry lecture will continue from last year, reviewing hydrocarbons and halocarbons and looking at the functional groups that compose alcohols and ethers.

1.  20 ions pre-quiz, quiz on Friday
2.  lab safety post -tests tomorrow
3.  ch 1 review slides

1.  Lab Safety Post-Test over lab safety rules
2.  nuclear unit due at end of month
3.  chapter 4 assignment due Sept 30th

1.  notes on liquids and solids
2.  quantum number quiz tomorrow

1.  quantum number quiz
2.  continue notes on liquids and solids

1.  A-1 ion quiz
2.  quantum number quiz back
3.  Finish notes on liquids and solids

4.  Pie Tin Lab

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