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Week 3 Lesson Plans

Week Three Lesson Plans for August 24th – 28th

Chemistry I – This week we will be getting into the lab to cut, fire polish, and bend glass tubing.  This allows me to identify the pyromaniacs and deviants so I am aware of their presence in the lab.  It is fine to be fascinated by fire – I just want to be aware.  I certainly love fire myself.  We will also be reviewing unit I to prepare for the test on Friday.  Students will learn and identify lab equipment for the test as well.

1.       Post-tests back
2.       Grade Getting to Know your Book worksheet
3.       Lab equipment
4.       Element review due
5.       Unit I review due tomorrow
6.       Getting to know chapter 1 due Thursday
7.       glass bending lab pre-lab sheet

1.       Grade Unit I review
2.       test on Friday
3.       finish Glassworking Pre-Lab
4.       begin lab

1.       Finish Glassworking Lab
2.       GTK ch 1 due tomorrow
3.       elements worksheet overdue

1.       grade elements to know
2.       turn in GTK ch 1
3.       Lab equipment review
4.       Unit I test tomorrow
4.       Start Unit II notes

1.       Unit I test
2.       Lab reports discussed
3.       Unit II notes if time
4.       Unit II homework problems due Weds

Advanced Chemistry Lesson Plans Sept 1st – Sept 5th  :  This week will focus on applying our review of balancing and calculating formula mass, percent composition, and empirical and molecular formulae
using a lab on finding the percent of oxygen in potassium chlorate.  Then we will apply our knowledge of molarity to a molarity lab leading into our stoichiometry review and application.


  1. Balancing Quiz back
  2. Lab Safety Test back
  3. Grade Formula weights
  4. Quiz  over formula weights
  5. potassium chlorate pre-lab


  1. Grade formula mass worksheet
  2. Quiz over formula masses
  3. Start Potassium Chlorate Lab


  1. Formula weights  Quiz back
  2. Part 2 of Potassium Chlorate lab
  3. Lab reports due next Friday Sept 4th with turnitin by midnight Saturday


  1. Stoichimetry Notes
  2. Finish Part II of Potassium Chlorate Lab if needed
  3. Discuss lab – turnitin on computers
  4. Stoichiometry Problem Set I due Tuesday


  1. Finish Potassium Chlorate Lab if needed
  2. Continue Stoich notes
  3. Stoichiometry Problem Set I due Tuesday

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans Aug 25th – 29thThis week will focus on our discussion on bonding and forces and how to predict what types are present in molecules.  We will finish our inquiry lab determining if food coloring is a polar covalent, non-polar covalent, or an ionic solution.  Daily quizzes will be given each day to review the ions assigned over the summer as well as the content of the review chapters 1, 2, and 3. 


  1.  Assign Teams
  2. Ion Pre-Quiz for Friday's Quiz 2A
  3. Lab Safety Test back
  4. quiz back
  5. FR #1 due
  6. FR #2 due Tuesday
  7. FR #3 due Weds


  1. FR #2 due
  2. FR #3 due tomorrow
  3. Hand back ch 2 homework
  4. ch 2 review slide


  1.  Finish ch 2 review
  2. ch. 8 liquids and solids notes
  3. ch 8 homework
  4. FR #3 due


  1.  Continue liquids and solids notes
  2. alcohol and water intermolecular forces lab


  1. T-shirt designs?
2.    pie pan lab

3.    finish alcohol and water lab

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