Friday, February 26, 2016

Lesson Plans Feb 22nd


  1. alkali metals lab back
  2. ch 4 and 5 test back
  3. Start ch 6 notes on naming ions and electronegativity
  4. Worksheet side I first column due tomorrow
  5. Bending water demo

  1. Continue notes on bonding
  2. Electronegativity worksheet due Thursday
  3. Naming and Writing #1 due Friday

 Weds:  SNOW DAY

Thursday:  SNOW DAY


1.       Finish up ion sheet
2.       Continue notes on bonding
3.       bending water lab
4.       notes on polar and non- polar covalents
5.       conductivity of solutions lab

Adv. Chemistry  Lesson Plans Feb 22 - 26

1.       Grade Ka worksheet
2.       Quiz tomorrow over Ka
3.       Acid base review due Weds
4.       Acid base test on Thursday
5.       Begin notes on Specific Heat

1.       Ka Quiz


Thursday:  SNOW DAY

1.  questions on acid base review
2.  Ka quiz back
3.  Ka quiz 2 in class

AP Chemistry I Lesson Plans Feb 22 - 26

1.  ion quiz back
2.  go over worksheet II
3.  quiz over kinetics
4.  7th hour tomorrow lab with Pittenger

Tuesday:  kinetics lab

Weds:  snow day

Thursday:  snow day

Friday:  lab part 2

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