Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Lesson Plans Feb 29 - March 4

1.  continue notes on ionic names and formula
2.  turn in electronegativity sheet
3.  demo lab due
4.  finish right side of ion sheet

1.  grade electronegativity homework
2.  continue notes thru naming covalent compounds
3.  both columns of ion worksheet due Weds
4.  ionic I and II worksheet due Friday

1.  grade electrolyte lab demo
2.  finish ion worksheet right side
3.  finish ionic I and II due Friday
4.  ionic bonding worksheet showing dot notation  due Monday

1.  go over ion worksheet both columns
2.  writing #1 due Monday
3.  naming #1 due Monday
4.  writing #2 due Tuesday
5.  naming #2 due Tuesday

1.  grade ionic I and finish II
2.  quiz over it - electronegativity and naming compounds
3.  writing #1 and naming #1 due Monday
4.  naming and writing #2 due Tuesday

Chemistry II Lesson Plans Feb 29 - March  4
Monday:   grade acid-base review

Tuesday:   acid base test day ONE

1.  acid base test day TWO
2.  Mpemba article worksheet due Friday

1.  thermodynamics unit notes
2.  specific heat worksheet due Tuesday
3.  Mpemba article due tomorrow

1.  grade Mpemba article
2.  continue notes
3.  finish specific heat worksheet due Monday

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans Feb 29 - March  4

1.  ion quiz back
2.  go over worksheet II
3.  kinetics lab
4.  7th hour tomorrow lab with Pittenger
5.  thermochem homework due 3/31

Tuesday:  quiz over equilibirum and go over it

Weds:  finish lab

Thursday:   Pearson kinetics test

Friday:  finish lab if absent

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