Thursday, October 1, 2015

WEEK 8 - Lesson Plans Sept 28th – Oct 2nd

Chemistry I Lesson Plans Sept 28th – Oct 2nd

This week focuses on measurement and using accuracy and precision in using measurement in lab.  We will focus on converting metric units as well as using various lab equipment to measure water skillfully.  We will also begin to look at the WebMO computational program in preparation for our Energy in Foods Lab for next week.

1.  Notes on measurement continued - thru temperature and heat energy
2.  finish measurement lab

1.  scientific measurement worksheet due Friday
2.  start WebMO
3.  temperature worksheet due Monday
4.  note measurement lab data on excel document

1.  Finish Measurement Lab and data
2.  Finish WebMO activity for Energy of Foods Lab

1.  scientific notation worksheet due Friday
2.  temperature worksheet due Monday
3.  Measurement Lab - discuss and finish
4.  WebMo - finish and turn in

1.  grade scientific notation worksheet
2.  Continue notes on measurement - density
3.  density worksheet due Weds.
4.  pre-lab for Energy of Foods Lab

Adv Chemistry II Lesson Plans for Sept 29th – Oct 2nd

This week we will focus on molarity which determines the concentration of the solution.  The Stoiciometry Unit will end with an exam.

1.       Notes on Molarity continued
2.       Molarity handout together
3.       Molarity 1 review due Weds
4.       Finish pre-lab
5.       Molarity Lab Weds
6.       Stoichiometry Test on Thursday

1.   Stoich test Thursday and Friday
2.   Go over practice quiz together
3.  Molarity 1 quiz
4.  Molarity quiz 2 tomorrow

1.       Go over Molarity quiz 1
2.       go over molaraity review
3.       Molarity Lab
4.       Molarity quiz 2

1.       go over Molarity quiz2
2.       Finish Molarity Lab due tomorrow

1.       Stoichiometry and Molarity Test - finish
2.       Gas Laws notes

AP Chemistry Sept 29th – Oct 2nd

We will continue our examination of organic molecules and  inter and intramolecular forces that hold them together and determine their properties.  We will make nylon, aspirin, and fragrant esters in lab.

1.  finish ch 8 notes on phase diagrams
2.  quiz on Thursday
3.  ch 8 test on Friday
4.  phase diagram worksheets 1 and 2 due tomorrow
5.  phase diagram 3 due Weds

1.  go over
2.  phase diagram worksheets 1 and 2
2.  phase diagram3 worksheet

1.  grade phase diagram 3
2.  go over ch 4 crib notes and slide show
3.  ch 4 homework due - questions?
4.  covalent homework due

Thursday:   phase diagrams quiz 

1.  finish ch 8 test if needed

2.  ion quiz

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