Sunday, October 25, 2015

October Smarty Pants Challenges

We had several challenges going on this month for a Smarty Pants.

Katie and her OREO ball -artistic with 4 boxes of double stuffed.

Erin and Kelsey made a 67 oreo single stack tower to represent 7th hour.

This is Angus and Raven's fabulous density column they made to represent 7th hour on a Saturday night instead of beheading cats like some of the kids these days.....

This is 8th hour's artwork OREO winner made by Mariah and Erica

This oreo column is a little disturbing, but I also find it fascinating.  It was made by 3rd hour's Nicole and Zoie and has several different artistic interpretations....

This video shows Adrian and Shyanne's 50 stack OREO column.

Brody represents 7th hour with his 50 double stuffed stack.

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