Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Week 10 - Lesson Plans: October 13-16

Chemistry I Lesson Plans October 13-16
This week we will finish and compile our data from the Energy of Foods Lab to see which type of food gives us more energy – a sugar or a fat.  We will focus on converting to metric units, using scientific notation, calculating with exponents, and using significant digits in our measurements.
1.  Finish energy of Foods Lab and class data
2.  qualitative analysis lab reports are overdue!
3.  temperature worksheet due
4.  lab data crunching party Thursday
1.      Grade temperature worksheet
2.      Lab data and excel graph – discuss
3.      Labs due Friday
4.      Notes on rounding sig figs
5.      Density worksheet due Friday
1.  lab data crunching party
2.  worksheets, lab reports, and journals back
3.  Grade side 3 of metric worksheet
4.  Side 4 due Tuesday


1.      Finish density worksheet
2.      Energy of foods lab due
3.      Continue notes
Adv. Chemistry II Lesson Plans: October 13-16

1. grade Boyle’s Law packet homework
2.  Boyle’s Law quiz
3.  Notes Charles’ Gas Law, packet and finish worksheet due Thursday
4.  Boyles and Charles problems worksheet due Friday
4.  Cartesian Diver paragraph due Friday – race tomorrow during homeroom!!!
5.  Marshmallow Man challenge by Friday
1.  Cartesian Diver race during homeroom
2.  notes on Gay-Lussac’s Law
3.  homework and 50 pt homework for Charles’ Law due Thursday
4.  quiz over it on Thursday
5.  Charles’ Law homework and quiz Friday
Thursday:  Crush the Can Lab
1.  grade Charles’ Law hmwk
2.  quiz over Charles’ Law
3.  continue notes on Gay-Lussac’s Law
4.  Gay-Lussac’s homework due Tuesday with quiz

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans: October 13-16
This week continues our study of equilibrium as well as our review of chapter 5 – covalent bonding and molecular orbitals.
1.  continue notes on equilibrium
2.  start homework set from old book

1.  grade equilibrium worksheet side 1
2.  side 2 due Friday

1.  LeChateliers notes
2.  LeChateliers lab

1.  ion quiz
2.  grade equilibrium side 2
3.  finish lab

4.  work on homework set for Monday

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