Sunday, October 4, 2015

Week 9 Lesson Plans Oct 5th – Oct 9th

Chemistry I Lesson Plans Oct 5th – Oct 9th

This week focuses on measurement skills and using accuracy and precision in the Energy Of Foods Lab.  Students will burn marshmallows to represent a glucose molecule and chips to represent a linoleic fat molecule.  Data will be compared to that acquired from the WebMO computational program to compare heat of formation to that of heat of combustion.


1.  webMO and measurement labs should be turned in
2.  Qualitative Analysis Labs are overdue - turnitin due by midnight tonight
3.  finish sig fig and density notes
4.  oreo tower challenge due by October 30th
5.  temperature worksheet is due
6.  worksheet 4 on sig figs and metric due Thursday
7.  metric worksheet  side 5 only due Tuesday of next week
7.  density worksheet is due Wednesday of next week  

Tuesday- Thursday:  ENERGY OF FOODS LAB

Friday - no school

Adv Chemistry II Lesson Plans for Oct 5th – Oct 9th

This week we will focus on molarity which determines the concentration of the solution.  The Stoiciometry Unit will end with an exam.

1.       Stoich tests back
2.       Molarity Labs overdue!
3.       Gas Laws lecture start with Boyle's Law and demos
4.       Boyles Law worksheet side due Weds
5.       Boyles Law Quiz Weds
6.       50 point packet homework due Weds for Boyles

1.  Charles Law worksheet side due Monday
2.  50 pt homework for Charles’ Law due Monday
3.  Charles Law quiz Monday

1.  grade Boyles worksheet and 50 point sheet
2.  quiz over it

Thursday:   Cartesian Diver Lab - start
Friday:  no school
  AP Chemistry Oct 5th – Oct 9th
We will begin our equilibrium unit which transcends all units of Chemistry and is a very important concept.  Thermodynamics will be revisited through this unit as well as previous studies of free energy and entropy.  Students need to continue on in their AP review over chapter 5 - covalent bonding and watch bozeman videos 19,24,25, and 26 for review, creating 5 questions with answers for these videos.

1.  ion quiz back
2.  go over ch 5 homework and priority
3.  watch bozeman 62 on reversible reactions and 64 on equilibrium
4.  equilibrium notes  thru slide 6

1.  watch bozeman 65
2.  continue equilibrium notes thru slide 10
3.  equilibrium worksheet 1 due Thursday

Weds:  Career Day at Lakeland
1.  work on ch 5 assignment due October 30th - watch bozemans?
2.  equilibrium worksheet 1 due tomorrow

1.  grade equilibrium worksheet 1
2.  continue equilibrium notes thru slide 19

Friday:  no school

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