Tuesday, April 18, 2017


AP Chemistry BOZEMAN #4 Coulomb's Law             Name:
11 points

1.  What is coulomb's law?

2.  What is in the atom that holds the He atom together when those protons are so close
            and repel one another?

3.  How do you find the magnitude of charges?

4.  What is ionization energy?

5.  How do you measure ionization energy?

6.  Give another name for a "shell" that starts with an "o": ________________________

7.  What piece of equipment did coulomb use to measure coulombs law?

8.  What is the photoelectric effect?

9.  Why is helium's amount of energy (2.37) higher than hydrogen's (1.31)?

10. Why does lithium have both a low peak (.52) and also a big peak (6.26)?

11.  The bigger the radius of an atom, the ____________________ the attraction.

USE:  lower or higher in the blank

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