Sunday, April 9, 2017

Lesson Plans April 17th – April 21st

Chemistry I Lesson Plans April 17th – April 21st

1.  SR lab reports back
2.  finish notes on chapter 8 if needed
3.  grade identifying reactions worksheet
4.  quiz 2 tomorrow over balancing
5.  worksheet I due Thursday
6.  quiz I on reaction types Thursday
7.  decomposition lab

1.      grade balancing review
2.      balancing quiz 2
3.      decomposition lab - due Friday
4.      worksheet II due Friday

1.  balancing quiz 2 back
2.  finish decomposition lab due Friday

1.  grade worksheet I
2.  reaction types quiz I
3.  finish decomposition lab -due tomorrow
4.  balancing quiz 3 tomorrow

1.  types quiz I back
2.  decomposition labs due
3.  gummy bear on fire demo
4.  balancing quiz 3

Chemistry II Lesson Plans April 17th – April 21st

1.  thermochemistry tests back
2.  notes on solubility thru Henry's law
3.  Henry's law worksheet due Weds
4.  quiz over it on Weds

1.      colligative properties video and worksheet due Friday
2.      Notes on solubility rules
3.      Henry’s Law probs and quiz tomorrow
4.      Solubility worksheet I due Thursday
5.      quiz over it Friday

1.  grade Henry's Law problems
2.  quiz over it
3.  solubility rules I worksheet due tomorrow
4.  quiz over it Friday
5.  Pre-Lab for Solubility Lab

1.      grade solubility worksheet I
2.      quiz tomorrow over it
3.      Solubility notes continued thru net ionic equations
4.      Net Ionic I due Monday

1.  quiz over solubility rules
2.  colligative worksheet due
3.  Start Solubility Lab
4.  Net Ionic I due Monday

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans April 17th – April 21st

1.  redox I quiz back
2.  finish boat activity I
3.  scale up to manila folder boat boat activity II
4.  redox daily set I due Wednesday
5.  purchase additional tape for boats

1.  finish manila boat and test it
2.  read surface area to mass article
3.  redox daily set II due Thursday

1.  grade redox daily set I
2.  set II due tomorrow
3.  quiz tomorrow over it
4.  butcher paper boat
5.  make modifications for cardboard boat

Thursday: CNA TEST
1.  redox daily set II grade
2.  quiz over it
3.  continue boats

1.  redox daiy quiz back
2.  magic genie lab

3.  continue boats

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