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Lesson Plans for Sept 15-19

Lesson Plans Sept 15-19
Chemistry I – The objective this week is to finish up our unit on physical and chemical properties and changes and the review of the elements for a Chapter 1 test.  We will begin our unit on measurement with a lab on qualitative analysis at the end of the week.  This is different than qualitative analysis which involves numbered measurements.  Qualitative analysis uses descriptive analysis, such as precipitates.  Ask your student what a precipitate is and how to spell it.

Monday:  PJ Day
1.       Labs back
2.       Continue notes
3.       Element review
4.       Unit II homework sheet due – questions?
5.       Book assignment Reviewing Concepts page 28 #10, 16-22 and Problems 1,3, and 4 due
6.       Test on Thursday
Tuesday:  Powderpuff colors day
1.       Grade Unit II homework and book work
2.       Continue notes
3.       Element review
4.       STP worksheet due tomorrow
Weds:  Pink Ladies/T-Birds Day
1.       Grade STP
2.       Finish notes
3.       Element review
4.       Test on Thursday
Thurs:  50’s Day
1.       Unit II test with elements
2.       Getting to Know Ch 2 due Tuesday
Friday:  Orange and Black Day
1.       Qualitative Analysis Lab
2.       Getting to Know Ch 2 due Tuesday

Lesson Plans Sept 15-19
Adv. Chemistry – This week will continue our exploration into stoichiometry.  Students will attempt to fill a snack baggie with a gas produced from the correct amounts of vinegar and baking soda to see which reactant is limiting and what the best recipe will be.  We will also revisit the concept of molarity or concentration and have a molarity lab where students prepare certain concentrations of various chemical solutions.


1.       Air bag pre-lab questions by tomorrow!!!
2.       Go over stoichiometry II
3.       Quiz over stoichiometry

Tuesday:   air bag lab day 1

Weds:  air bag lab day 2


1.  Grade stoichiometry review
2.  Notes on molarity


1.  Finish notes on Molarity
2.  Molarity handout together
3.  Molarity worksheet due Weds

Lesson Plans Sept 15-19
AP Chemistry – this week continues our discussion of organic molecules and the bonding and interand intramolecular forces that hold them together.  Aldehydes and ketones will be added to our study as well as carboxylic acids and esters.

1.  ch 4 homework is due
2.  grade alcohols I and II
3.  alcohol review due tomorrow
4.  Alcohol test Friday
5.  Worksheet I due Weds
6.  Worksheet II due Thursday

1.  grade alcohol review
2.  alcohol worksheet I due tomorrow
3.  alcohol worksheet II due Thursday
4.  alcohol test on Friday
5.  aldehydes and ketones notes

1.  worksheet I due
2.  aldehydes and ketones notes

1.  grade worksheet II
2.  aldehydes and ketones notes
3.  alcohol test  tomorrow

1.  alcohol test

2.  worksheets over aldehydes and ketones due Monday

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