Friday, September 26, 2014

Lesson Plans Sept 29th - Oct 2nd

Chemistry I Lesson Plans Sept 29th – Oct 2nd

This week focuses on measurement and using accuracy and precision in using measurement in lab.  We will focus on converting metric units as well as using various lab equipment to measure water skillfully.  We will also begin to look at the WebMO computational program in preparation for our Energy in Foods Lab for next week.

1.  Notes on measurement continued
2.  Qualitative Analysis Lab back
3.  finish measurement lab

1.  energy of foods pre-test
2.  read section 2.1 and 2.2 in book
3.  worksheets 2.1 and 2.2 due Friday
4.  temperature worksheet due Thursday

1.  Notes on Measurement Unit
2.  Measurement Lab and WebMO activity for Energy of Foods Lab

1.  grade worksheets 1 and 2 
2.  Continue notes on measurement
3.  WebMO Activity for Energy of Foods Lab
4.  Measurement Lab
5.  Worksheet 3 and 4 due Friday

1.  Continue notes on measurement
2.  Finish WebMO Activity
3.  Finish Measurement Lab
4.  Worksheets 3 and 4 due

Adv Chemistry II Lesson Plans for Sept 29th – Oct 2nd

1.       Notes on Molarity continued
2.       Molarity handout together
3.       Molarity worksheet due Weds
4.       Finish pre-lab
5.       Molarity Lab Weds
6.       Stoichiometry Test on Tuesday

1.    stoich test
2.    Molarity quiz Friday

1.       Molarity Worksheet due and go over
2.       Molarity Lab
3.       Molarity quiz tomorrow

1.       Molarity quiz
2.       Finish Molarity Lab due tomorrow
3.       Molarity Test tomorrow
4.       Gas Laws lecture start

1.       Molarity Test
2.       Molarity Lab due
3.       Gas Laws Lecture
4.       Boyles and Charles Law worksheets due Tuesday
5.       50 point packet homework due Tuesday for Boyles
6.       Boyles Law quiz Tuesday

AP Chemistry Sept 29th – Oct 2nd

1.  alcohol test back
2.  notes on carboxylic acids and esters – finish
3.  aldehyde and ketone quiz tomorrow

1.  aldehyde and ketone quiz
2.  unknown lab due Friday
3.  read the butadiene article and answer the worksheet with it – due Thursday

Weds:  ester lab – reports due Monday

1.  carboxylic acids and ester worksheets  due Tuesday
2.  labs due Monday – finish if needed
3.  amine notes

1.  carboxylic acid and ester worksheets due Tuesday
2.  lab activity due
3.  amine worksheet due Weds

4.  ca and ester quiz next week

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