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Lesson Plans Sept 8th - 12th

Chemistry I Lesson Plans Sept 8th – Sept 12th
This week we will focus on the difference between physical and chemical properties and changes and what indicates that a chemical reaction has occurred.  The Physical and Chemical Properties Lab will be used to refer to these concepts with the lab report due at the end of the week.
1.       Discuss labs – reports due next Monday 9/19 with turnitin conclusion due midnight 9/20
2.       Continue notes over physical and chemical properties and changes
3.       Finding your weight worksheet due Wednesday
4.       Unit II homework sheet due Thursday
1.       Continue notes
2.       Element review
3.       Unit II homework sheet due Thursday
4.       STP and changes worksheet due Friday
5.       Bookwork due Monday
1.       Unit II homework sheet due Thursday
2.       Continue notes
3.       Element review
4.       Book assignment Reviewing Concepts page 28 #10, 16-22 and Problems 1,3, and 4 due Monday
5.       Test on Tuesday
1.       Grade Unit II homework sheet
2.       Finish notes if needed
3.       Element review
4.       Bookwork due tomorrow
1.       Grade STP and changes worksheet
2.       Questions on book work due Monday
3.       Element review
4.       Test on Tuesday
5.       Lab report due Monday

Chemistry II Lesson Plans Sept 8th – Sept 12th

This week we will continue our discussion of limiting and excess reactants using stoichiometry problems and labs.  The concept of concentration and molarity will also be revisited.  These are big ideas in the study of chemistry and are used throughout the year.


1.       Potassium Chlorate Labs due.
2.       Notes on stoichiometry continued
3.       Stoichiometry Probs I due tomorrow
4.       Probs II due Thursday
5.       Quiz tomorrow over stoichiometry

1.  Quiz over stoichiometry
2.  Continue notes over

Weds:  Plunger Lab – magnesium ribbon and hydrochloric acid – which is the limiting reactant?

1.  finish lab – reports due Monday 9/15
2.  grade Problem set II
3.  Quiz over limiting and excess reactants tomorrow
4.  Notes on Molarity

Friday:  Stoichiometry quiz

AP Chemistry Lesson Plans Sept 8th – Sept 12th

This week we will continue our application of inter and intramolecular forces using organic chemistry.  Ethers and alcohols will be examined.  We will also review the first4 chapters of the AP book and practice writing free responses for those units.

1.  Nuclear Daily
2.  Chapter 4 crib notes and slide show
3.  homework back and discussed
4.  Ether quiz tomorrow

1.  Ether quiz
2.  alcohol notes

1.  Daily rotation again
2.  Finish notes on alcohols
3.  alcohol homework due Friday
4.  Chapter 4 homework due Monday

1.  daily 2
2.  notes on aldehydes and ketones
3.  alcohol homework due
4.  aldehydes and ketones homework due Tuesday

1.  alcohol homework due

2.  questions on Ch 4 homework

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